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I did promise to upload photos of my new car a month or slightly more ago but it has been too wet since I got her to risk my camera. We have actually seen the sunshine twice this week and I've got a few snaps.

Here is my new girl Xoe.
 photo 100_0157.jpg

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Feb. 2nd, 2014 11:33 am
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For Dr. Who mad knitters, and possibly cross stitchers you can sometimes use the same graph for both.
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Yesterday I bought a newer car, she is a Peugeot 206 registered in 2008 and previously owned by one careful elderly driver, serviced yearly from new at the same garage which is owned by owned by the driver's son in law and only 44,100 plus a few 10s on the clock, looking show room good and with a new Cam belt installed just before I bought it. She is mid to dark metallic grey and is called Zoe because the last 3 letters on her number plate are XOE so we are pronouncing the that the Greek way with the X and soshe is Zoe. There will be photographs of her when I get her back to home territory, we are both at Sue's place and I didn't bring my camera. The reason I'm here is that the car comes from the garage Sue uses for her vehicles and she knew I was on the look out for some thing newer. She was in the garage talking to the owner about a minor problem with her car and saw Zoe and asked about her. She phoned me and the next day I pledge my soul and all I posses to the bank and got a loan to buy her. Sue drove her home yesterday and I took her out for a short run up and down Herne Way in the afternoon. Today I took her for a 40 mile run from Sue's to Market Deeping, a route I know well as there is a wonderful bead shop there,and back. The route is made up of a wide variety of road types from a narrow road just wide enough for a single car with passing places to a Motorway type bypass around Peterborough, normal A roads and a small town. I love the Silver Queen(my old Citroen Saxo) but she was old and rattly and low powered. Zoe beats the socks off her. Warning to any one driving the A14,M6,M5,and M50 on Tuesday, I will be taking that route home in a car with more power then I'm used to, give me a wide berth.
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Losyn has been getting gradually worse over the time since he was diagnosed with cancer but he was still eating and enjoying our walks together. On Christmas day I think he ate more turkey than both the girls combined and he tucked into a small dish of trifle brandy soaked sponge and custard made from basics with a little of the cream but over the next few days he ate less and less until he stopped eating on New Years day. He came for a walk with me and the girls this morning and had a lovely time sniffing and putting his scent back on a walk he hadn't been on for some time. This evening he had an evaluation appointment with the vet, he did not come back. I miss him and I know the girls will miss him too. Beth is in tears but we must think of him being out of pain and safe from any more. God bless you my gentle old man, you had a bad beginning but a good life you touched more people than you would ever realise.

Those of you who friend me on LJ will have read this already but I do have a few friends only from here and this is the first day since Losyn died that I have been able to post in DW.

Thank you

Oct. 20th, 2013 09:25 pm
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 Thank you all for your birthday greetings, I've been a little busy this weekend with celebratory lunches and teas, much more my style than wild parties.  I have also been very tired for the last ten days.  By last blood test tes for my diabetes  showed up Vitamin B12 dficiency, apparently it a common side affect of the Metformin I take for my diabetes..  The most obvious symptoms is Breathlessness and utter weariness, it is easily controlable by 3 monthly injections of B12.  The first one bucked me up very quickly but the affects wore off about 10 days ago.  Luckily I was due for my second injection on my birthday and it did give me a little more energy but it has taken a couple of days to get the full effects.  I may get round to posting a little more often in future.
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I came down with a nasty virus Thursday night, my skin felt like I had been sun burned all over, and my bones felt bruised and a headache from hell, I had mild diarrhea all night and felt like death the next day, My little fur balls were very sympathetic. They slept the day away instead of nagging me for walkies, that is very sympathetic. I spent yesterday in bed and just slept waking occasionally to drink a lot of water. Cousin Beth took them out for their walks yesterday and to today and I have started feeling better so I tried to make some thing for our last day but not eating, much about 4 slices of dry bread, for two days I am very weak. SO I haven't managed to finish what I started but I will when I'm better and post it on my lj and here but this is it so far.

 photo 100_0081.jpg

it is a bracelet and will be finished with a crab claw catch and a length of chain so that it can be used loose or tight.
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This is a gargoyle on Paisley Abbey and I am told on good authority it looks like the Alien in the Alien series of films. I've no doubt that believers will say theat medieval man had met such a one but the true story can be found here.
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I,ve had a busy start of the week so had to break one project over two days it was first the sketch and then the painting of Th Church Inn 1000 ft up Mynyddislwyn next to St Tudor's Church. It is built in a narrow depression in the side of the mountain with out buildings opposite it so that the only aspect you can get a photograph of is the gable end, and only if you stand in the middle of the road. You just cann't get far enough away from it to get any sort of view. It looks as if it could have been built at the same time as the first stone church, in the 11 th century and is a Welsh long house, humans lived at one end and animals at the other. Internally it has changed radically mostly in the early 20th century but the bones are still there. It is said to be the highest pub in South Wales.

 photo 100_0072.jpg

Today I didn't feel like doing anything with pencil or paint so I spent the early afternoon practicing my knotting in the hope of getting good enough to make a shambala bracelet.

 photo 100_0075.jpg

 photo 100_0076.jpg

As you can see I need a lot of practice before I start with the real shambala beads and chord.
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It is Kandi's turn to be imortalised, in pastel this time. It is more like Kandi than Saffron's portraite was like her so I am pleased.

This is the photo I was using for inspiration. photo 100_0062.jpg

And this is her portrait.

 photo 100_0065.jpg
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Some of my older friends may remember this painting
 photo 100_0058.jpg

I did at my at class at least 4 years ago,probably longer. For today's naart I decided to do the same picture in a different season but this is as far as I got

 photo 100_0061.jpg

I'm doing it in water colour and have learned something new, o4 rather some thing I already knew but had forgotten

Never ty to paint water colour when it is raining and all the doors and windows have to be open because it is so hot. Wayer co;our takes for ever to dry. I will, I hope, finish it tomorrow.

I found the original picture, I may start again tomorrow in stead.

The Barn photo Newbridge007.jpg
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Yesterday was a busy day for me, I had already agreed to take cousin A down to the recyling depot with some small electrical goods and then shopping for her heavy things, cat food and kitty litter and any thing else that took her fancy. Then lunch which she pays for as an extra payment, she always insists on giving me petrol money but it did mean I left the house at 10 am and got back at just past 1 pm to pick up the dogs. They were happily sleeping off a long walk with Beth and Losyn and didn't want to come away but brightened up considerably when told we were going tats to Nanny's. The underlined words they both understand perfectly. Tats means going on a trip in the car/ walk, and Nanny means my friend Jenny where they both get a lap to sit on, Saffron on Jenny, Kandie on me on the setee with only her front part on me. And they get meaty strips when we arrive, a Rich Tea biscuit dipped in coffee each after their tea, chicken mini nuggets at 5 pm and more meat strips when Jenny's daughter Sarah gets home from work. I allow it because I restrict the number of treats they have the day before I visit so they ae not over eating. I got back home and had my dinner and finaly sat down to naart at 8ish. So it was a quick simple adjustable length necklace made of white glass beads and pearls, knotted into place on gold thread.

 photo 100_0054.jpg


 photo 100B0040.jpg
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I took my inspiration from one of my collection of Dragons. This one

 photo 100_0010-1.jpg

And painted her ala Disney.

 photo 100_0013.jpg
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I was too tired to do any naarting Sunday and Monday , I might manage to make it up later but I doubt it. Today I tried to paint a picture of Saffron, it doesn't look any thing like her but does look like a Sheltie of the old fashioned type.. photo 101_0009.jpg
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On the Friday of the visit the 2 Sues and I packed a large picnic and 10 dogs into Sue's mobile kennel 9a silver Citroen Van with two stories of large cages at the back and space for every thing else behind the seats.)and toddled of to Langors Lake Country Park. Llangors lake is a very large lake in a very large flat bottomed valley just south of Brecon. Both of which were formed by Glaciers during the last Ice Age

This is the valley as seen from the High point if Llangynidr Moore I tried to mark the lake with and X but it is in the wrong place. look to the right and slightly up and that is Llamgors Lake;

 photo 100_0013-1.jpg

OK the x is not appearing on my screen, hopefully it is on yours.
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I have had visitors since Thursday so although I have naarted, after the humans have gone to bed, I haven't been able to upload politely. I don't work on my computer while I have people with me I think is is impolite to neglet them that way. I specified humans as they came 8 dogs between them. Sue and Sue, yes they are both sue's(Susan and Susanne)have now gone off to Builth Wells to show 3 of them at a Dog show, I am at home baby sitting the 5 they left behind and my 2 which means I can't leave the house until the Sues are back as my 2 are a little upset about the invasion. They are fine if the dogs stay down stairs and don't try to get on my lap but if the try to come into my bedroom they are met with snarls and growls from the girls, so leaving them alone together and my house isn't big enough to separate them into manageable groups. But I must stop blathering and post my Naarts.

these I made Thursday, the fancy bits for two pairs of ear rings, they are made from beads and a pendant made from both smokey and clear quartz.

 photo d4ec9b12-09a3-48f3-bc40-8b53f2b2f2f7.jpg

And this is my naart for yetaerday, we were out all day so it is one of the photographs I took yesterday. A typical Welsh mountain scene.

 photo 100_0012-1.jpg

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I have had a long hard day rearanging the whole house to accommodate one more overnight guest than I was expecting but now it's done and I found 5 minutes to naart. I know I've left it hanging in mid air but I havvven't the energy to ground it.

 photo 100_0007-1.jpg

And if you can see it against the curtains I keep to put up when the living room has to be used as a bed room is the artificial flower s that I was trying to sketch

 photo 100_0005-1.jpg

I don't bother to have curtains normally as my living room windows are over looked soley by a tree covered mountain about 2 miles away and I like to have an uninterrupted view of said mountain. The curtains now are to stop the sunrise waking my guest too early'
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The finished article and it's inspiration.

 photo 101_0004-1.jpg

 photo 101_0003-3.jpg


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