Feb. 24th, 2013

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I have just had the worst 2 hours of my life so far. I took the girls up to the girls behind the village for late night toilets, normally we walk into the first field , I take their lead off, they do what is necessary, snuffle a round a bit then come back to me the leads go on and we come home. I have to take Saffron out as she will not use the garden, Kandi does but she comes as well. Tonight was not normal, we got up up to the filed , I took the leads off and Kandi was off like a greyhound from the gate, over into the next field but by the time we got there she was no where in sight, not that I could see very far just to the end of my torch light. Well I've spent the time since then(8:30 pm)wandering round the streets calling her quietly and asking every god I knew the name of to bring her back then coming back home in the hope she would be sitting on the doorstep. Half an hour ago I started out on what would have been my last circuit and this time I took Saffron with me in the hope she might scent her. And she did, As we passed gate to the house next door to Beth's Saffron pulled me towards it. And sitting behind the gate was Kandi. She was so delighted to see us I hope she will not go chasing off again. What puzzled me then was how did she get into the garden. The front gate was shut, there is about 6 feet deep bramble patch on the field side of the fence behind the house. The only way she could have done it would be if Beth's gate at the back of the house up to the field was open and she had come down into the back garden and jumped the gate between the two houses That gate wouldn't be open as it has a strong spring on it to make sure the young nephews and nieces couldn't get into the neighbouring garden when the were visiting. I know she is a good jumper but I didn't think she was that good.
Kandi will still be coming for late night walkies but until it is full daylight at 9:00pm she will be kept on the lead.


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