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It's doing the rounds again.
Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.
The story runs that,on one warm summer day, he dozed off under an apple tree and was awakened when an apple fell on his head.

I have no idea what this says about my love life but the book was Terry Pratchett Snuff and no he wasn't talking about Newton.
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Taken from [personal profile] vilakins

Your result for The Are You Truly Erudite? Test...

The Librarian

You scored 68 erudition!

Congratulations! You're well above average when it comes to your knowledge of English grammar, history, and literature. You may have missed a few questions, but if you keep your studies up and stay away from genre fiction, we'll have you ready for Stanford in no time! Who knows, we just might be reading your columns in Talk of the Town a few years from now.

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Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal

I got a W from vjeskova. 1 Walking. It get me out of the house, keeps me reasonably healthy, makes Losyn delirious with joy ans shows me Nature in all its glory.

2 Wales. I have a mug with a motto on it, it's about being Welsh rather than Wales it's self.

To be Welsh is to be born with a song on your lips and heaven around you. And that is Wales to me (and every other Welshman ever born) heaven on Earth. Kipling said it best God gives all men all earth to love, but since man's heart is small, ordains for each one spot shall prove belov'd over all." He was writing about Sussex I think but each to his own.

3 Watching Birds, yes I know that should be bird watching but it wouldn't fit that way round. I love to sit at my window and watch them interact with each other at the feeding station. They can be so funny and so human' at times.

4 Watching people. It's the one thing I really miss about retirement. In work I didn't have to try very hard to watch people, They came to me. I am fascinated by human behaviour and character, trying to sort it out keeps me happy for hours.

5 Watching TV. Not all of it just some of the programs Bones for instance, that program is the only time I have been seduced into reading the books that spawned the TV series rather than the other way round. The documentary channel on Sky is a field of endless fascination for me. Natural history , astronomy , history and true crime. Why the last came into my favourites was a mystery until I started this, then I realsied it's people watching of a type that would terrify me in RL.

6 Water in all its many changing forms. Not the stuff that comes out of the tap but the wild sort, rivers ponds lakes even puddles. But mostly the sea. As you know I go to West Wales every year for a holiday with a friend and her dogs. I act as creche mother in the car park at Newport Beach to some of the 6 she now has, while Sue exercises the rest. The front row of the car park at the beach looks out onto the sea. In good weather we put out deck chairs on the strip of grass between the tarmac and the sand and I sit with my knitting going on automatic pilot and watch the ever changing ocean.

7 Winberries. Not picking them just eating them. Those little blue berries oozing hot juice mixing with the sugar and pastry and turning your tongue blue. Now that is ambrosia.

8 Whip and top Yes I'm reaching back a bit there but the games I played with my friends as a child were many and varied, Jack stones, hop scotch, two ball, piggy in the middle, statues and many many more. But whip and top wan my favourite, parlty because I was very good at it and partly becuase it appealed to my artistic side

We used to decorate the top of the top with coloured chalks, and tried to make patterns that would look better spinning than still. Truth be told we spent as much time of the patterns as we did actually making the top spin.

9 Watercolour and all my other artistic endevours. What can I say I only went to keep Beth company but I am hooked now. if she gave up tomorrow I would still be going.

10 Wild daffodils, I like the domesticated ones too but nor as much as the truely wild little duts(Wenglish for very small) They are more delicate and a lot smaller than the cultivated one , and braver. The start sprouting just as the Snowdrops bursts into bloom and follow the spread of white with their own peculiar(meaning special not strange) shade of yellow. I can easily understand why Wordsworth got all poetical about them.


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