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You have already seen the panorama of the Llangors Lake, meet a few of the natives. These are two of many very tame wild swans, the tourists feed them. From their behaviour over the ten minute I observed them, the one in front is a female probably too young to mate but old enough to attract the male . He was chasing her all over the place and she was running away not running to be caught.


Under the cut are the cut are the other natives.
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Today we started early and head up to bedwelty field to allow the youngsters to release enough energy for the trip to Brecon while the old men bumbled along with the humans. Hugo is a very good excercise coach as he heads of into the wild blue yonder like an Exocet from its launch pad followed by Cas, Dylis, Kattie, Saffron and Kandi. When he gets about 100 yards awayu he turns and hares back followed by his Harem. Daily follows them not because he likes to chase Hugo but becvause he is deeply in love with Cas and follows her every where. After about 10 minutes The Shelties are exhausted and Cas is bored so we saunter back to the van and set off. We considered going through Brecon and up in to the mountains for lunch but I spotted the sign post to Llangorse Lake on the way in to Brecon and suggested we go there instead. [personal profile] sallymn you may know the name as Time Team have dug a cranog just off shore there, I think a long way away from the public area we were in but the PTB have built a rpelica of what ti would have looked like. You can see it on the left hand size of this panorama.



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