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Just two more

Neptune's Grotto

And finally the way out.  This wall of water appears to be on constantly and the only way out apart from through this is to retrace your steps, which Sue and I prepared to do. 

But there was a young father ahead of us pushing a baby in a pram.  He prepared the pram for a down pour so we stopped to watch to see how wet he would get.  He pushed the pram forward and just before it touched the water the fountains turned of.  But we had seen children running through it without it switching off.  We theorised that there must be a laser switch at adult height that turned things off and walked steadily forward together.  And we exited as dry as we went in.
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Just a few grottos that you can't enter and therefore are child free.
The Crystal Grotto

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This garden is designed mainly for children so as I try not to take photos of strange children, parents can get a bit up tight about strangers taking snaps of their children, there are not as many as for the  Sculpture Garden.

You may notice the tiny fountains in the middle ogf the path, I took this photo before we went into the Sculpture Garden
as the entrances are side by side.  When we went into this srea the fountains were taller ranging from about my knee height for the first one to about 4foot high for the last one and were full of children of various sizes getting very wet in them, as were the dozens of other fountain and 'surprise' showers, obvious to adults who walked round or stepped over the astro turf which covered the pressure pads taht turned them on.  Mind if I had a had a change of clothes back in the car I would have walked through them too.

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