Aug. 29th, 2009

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 Let's get the Rl part over first.  Today the news is good, and moderately good.
The good news is that A has passed the home visit and we are dashing off this afternoon to sign the adoption papers , pay the money over and bring Netty to her new home.
The moderately good news is the massive does of intravenous antibiotics have worked and Jill is coming home today.  It's only moderately good as it wasn't an infected cut but a bunion that became infected and unless it is removed it will happen again and again.  She has to go back in a week to see the orthopedic specalist to make sure the infection has cleared up properly and then she will have to go back in to have the bunion removed.  On Thursday the junior doctors who were checking her in were muttering about amputating the toe but the consultant told them they were talking nonsense last nigh and a bunion removal was all that was needed.  Hopefully she will be able to have a local or spinal anaesthetic because a full anaesthetic with her medical history is not a good thing to contomplate.

And now for the NaArt.
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 Netty is in her new home, but has decided that the rooms are too big. We opened the carry case and she eventually came out of her own accord and had a sniff around the living room, then went into whet used to be the dinning room and which is now Auntie N's bedroom, the two rooms are separated by sliding doors which A keeps open so he Mother won't feel isolated.she found an alcove behind the bed(a recessed cupboard door), which has a bead curtain hanging over it and settled down to sleep. We came to the conclusion that having spent a while in a vet type cage she felt the rooms were too big and that alcove is more to her liking because it is smaller and has 'bars'. I told A to leave her there to come out of her own accord but to bring the litter tray and food and water in for her, Hopefully by the time I next visit, next Wednesday probably Netty will have got used to all that space.%)


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