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I hope my friends in the North and East are coping with the snow we had last night. I can't complain as we have only had a sugar coating which is melting fast and making the roads very slippery but in the news this morning I heard that Northumberland has 15 foot snow drifts in places. I know [profile] inyadreams, [personal profile] reapermum and [profile] mizz_history live only a little way south of that county. The forecast weather maps show [personal profile] quarryquest's area is under thick snow clouds too. Three days after the spring equinox and it's still winter, although I did manage to get a small branch of catkins and one of pussy willows when I was out walking on Equinox day to bring back for cousin Jill.
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I'm not sure that some of my newer friends have ever seen this photo so I thought I would post it again. This is my home village shot from an angle that makes it look deserving of its original name Celenyn which means the beautiful place. I live in the last house you can see of the row running diagonally from left to right, that is running steeply up hill, there are two more houses above me. We are not as isolated as we look as we are surrounded by two housing estates built in the 50s on to the left and out of the picture and one to the right. If you look carefully you can make out the shape of one of those houses just a little up hill and across the road from me.

The field behind the top most row of houses was a play park with swings roundabouts see saws and rocking horses when I was a child here but more often than not we played on the remains of an old oak that had had to be felled because it was in danger of falling on us. That was our space ship,sailing ship, Conestoga wagon, stage coach and much much more. the swings and every thing else were removed in the 70s because they were considered dangerous because there was no soft landing only soil and grass and the old tree trunk had rotted away by then. It is now a dog walking area and ATM a sleigh run. To it's left is the local cemetery started about 1860.

At the bottom left is the local elementary school (4-11 year olds) and behind it is the only remaining building left of Abercarn House the home hove the 'Lords of the Manor' of Abercarn. The village was built by Sir Benjamin Hall(a Lord of the Manor) and his wife Lady Augusta to house their estate workers some time between 1820 and 1840. It is the coach house but had been converted into a human hose before I was borne.

Unusually for the Welsh valleys we have a small space between my village and the the ones below and above it in the valley. Normally the villages run into each other so you need to be a local to know when you have passed from one to another.

I wish I could get over to the point I took this photo from and take an other while the snow is down but while it might be possible to get my car down the hill and by a cicuitous route over to the other side of the valley I don't I could get back up again so I'm not even going to try

At Last RL

Dec. 1st, 2009 08:08 am
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Winter arrived with a bang over night, We have had the first hard white frost of the winter.And to prove it here are a couple of pictures.

Photobucket Photobucket

The at last refers to my total inability to remove a living plant from the ground. Those Nasturtium should have been out about a month ago but not only were they still green but they were flowering right up until last week. By tomorrow, or even later today they will be thoroughly dead and I can whip them out and plant the bulbs I bought at the beginning of November.

On a less happy note, I walked into the kitchen Sunday morning to be greeted with this.
Well slightly less than that it has grown over Monday. Judging from where it is I think, actually hope, that my central heating system has sprung a leak under the floorboards up stairs. I say hope because I am fully insured for parts and work so if it is that I can have it fixed for free. Since there is no equivalent stain upstairs so I don't think it is the roof. But the combination of the two events means that I am with out the central Heating on the coldest day this winter so far. Thank goodness for the gas fire in the living room. The reason the damp patch has had all day Monday to get worse is that British Gas Homecare do not work weekends they send a local man round if it is an emergency and all he would have done would have been to drain the system and switch the water of so it could not refill. Which would mean I would have been without water as well as heat for two days, because the first time they could come out to fix it was today, some time between 8:00 and 1:00. Knowing my luck it will be 5 Minutes to 1:00 that he will arrive and it will take him all afternoon to find and fix. So here I sit in the only warm room in the house and here I will sit for a good long while. Thank goodness for knitting at least I will have some thing to do.


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