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Yesterday while walking Saffron I was caught in a shower of the coldest rain I have felt in my life but that was all. At 3:00am this morning little madam woke me up with her constant low growl. She was sitting on the end of the bed staring out the window. The only thing I could see when I looked out was this, she settled after I closed the curtains and then woke me at 7:30 am.
Taken this morning after we got up, yes we have snow and Saffron wants to live in the garden with it. I wouldn't object to that as her breed was created to live out doors in these conditions but she insists the back door is left open so she can pop back in for a bite to eat now and then.
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I still go to art class but I haven't been inflicting any of my class pictures on you as we have been really learning something new each class. This is because the Welsh National Assembly have decreed that no matter what subject is being taught we have to 'take an exam' in it. So our exam is to learn new techniques during the Sept. Term and do a portfolio of paintings of our choice during the Spring term. This will then be taken in and marked. I decided to combine 2 of the new techniques into one picture with a little watercolour so I wouldn't have to do so much. Below is as far as I've gotten woth this picture using inks and pastel.

This is the ink stage

Here I've done the pastel.

I'll show you the original artical when I show you the finished art work.
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 My cousins and I, Beth and A, went on a shop 'til you drop spree on A's day off from her mother.  We had lunch out and were just talking about everything and nothing through the meal.   We were eating at Pizza Hut and A and I decided to have the ice cream which you create your self as our pudding.  We were given a bowl full of soft ice cream and left to add sprinkles and sauces as we wanted.  Amongst these sprinkles were what looked like Smarties(M &Ms) in virulent yellow and green which I don't think are normal colours for Smarties, and we both tried them.  Any way these little chocs. reminded A of something that had happened when she was working as a pharmacist  in Merthyr in the 60s.  The police called into the shop she was working in to ask her to tell any worried parents that might bring in a brightly coloured pill in for her to identify that if she broke it open they would find that they were Smarties.  Some one had got hold of a faulty run of these harmless sweets(the colours were all wrong) and was busily making a small fortune around the coffee bars and young peoples pubs selling them at 2/6d(enough in modern money to buy a burger and fries at McDonald's) a 'tablet' implying they were some sort of recreational drug.
The police were as mad as fire at the culprit as he 
a was not selling drugs
b was not saying that he was selling drugs.
So he could not be prosecuted for supplying nor for fraud.  All they could do was warn as many of the youngsters they could not to buy them.  Unfortunately a lot of the customers thought the police were telling lies  and just went on buying.  I can't remember being that innocent but as I was a teenager in the 60s perhaps I was.

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Dec. 1st, 2009 08:08 am
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Winter arrived with a bang over night, We have had the first hard white frost of the winter.And to prove it here are a couple of pictures.

Photobucket Photobucket

The at last refers to my total inability to remove a living plant from the ground. Those Nasturtium should have been out about a month ago but not only were they still green but they were flowering right up until last week. By tomorrow, or even later today they will be thoroughly dead and I can whip them out and plant the bulbs I bought at the beginning of November.

On a less happy note, I walked into the kitchen Sunday morning to be greeted with this.
Well slightly less than that it has grown over Monday. Judging from where it is I think, actually hope, that my central heating system has sprung a leak under the floorboards up stairs. I say hope because I am fully insured for parts and work so if it is that I can have it fixed for free. Since there is no equivalent stain upstairs so I don't think it is the roof. But the combination of the two events means that I am with out the central Heating on the coldest day this winter so far. Thank goodness for the gas fire in the living room. The reason the damp patch has had all day Monday to get worse is that British Gas Homecare do not work weekends they send a local man round if it is an emergency and all he would have done would have been to drain the system and switch the water of so it could not refill. Which would mean I would have been without water as well as heat for two days, because the first time they could come out to fix it was today, some time between 8:00 and 1:00. Knowing my luck it will be 5 Minutes to 1:00 that he will arrive and it will take him all afternoon to find and fix. So here I sit in the only warm room in the house and here I will sit for a good long while. Thank goodness for knitting at least I will have some thing to do.
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Vertical stripes do not suit the big busted unless the garment is so large it hangs like a sack. Oh and as a bonus you can just see my little camera.


It's the charity shop for this one and more knitting in a plain colour for me.
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For the past few weeks I have been sorting through my jumpers(sweaters) that I have knitted through the years and may be worn only once or twice because work and shops keep the temperature up at tropical year round. I really only needed them for traveling back and forth, buses being the one place that gets cold. I am a recreational knitter, in fact it is my major form of exercise I have biceps like a navy because of 35 years of knitting%P. I have knitted jumpers stowed away dating from every decade back to the 60s and a lot of them in very good wool. So instead of giving them to the charity shops I decided to undo the best and re knit the yarn. I started my first last weekend, a sweater knitted cuff to cuff. I had undone two jumpers knitted in the 70s, I think, when the fashion was that the welt started 2 inches below the waist and the jumper started at waist level. I looked like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle with string in them. Neither jumper when undone yielded enough wool to knit a proper length yarn but since they were complimentary colours I decided to stripe them.

I wanted vertical stripes and there are two ways to do that:-
1Interweaving the thread you are not using behind the the thread you are. This gives a very solid very warm fabric but I find it laborious and boring.
2 Knit it cuff to cuff taking the unused wool up the edge of the stripe you are knitting by looping the colour in use under the other colour as you go on the knit side usually. This I love, it is quick easy and in the end you have only 2, very long, seams to sew up. That is very much a plus point for me. It does mean that he stripes on the arms are horizontal but I don't mind so much having Michelin Men arms as long as the body is vertical.

It has been a long time since I knitted this way so I went in search of a pattern on line and one of my searches brought me to Amazon and a book that specialises in that sort of pattern, which I promptly bought. I also bought one of the recomendations which I am passing on to you. It is not as simple as it looks as there is is one pattern I haven't been able to make head nor tail of but the pattern I bought it for is very simple, that pattern is on the front cover right,
It is not difficult as it is all done in garter stitch and in strips of differing lengths sewn together. The chevron effect is done by knitting the bias, which what you are doing with that dropped stitch scarf from Knitty, Clapotis. This pattern calls for changing colours every now and then to give a random stripe but you could use self striping yarns
One day I will have a go at the blanket bottom left too.


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