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For those who haven't known me for very long after my dogs my main hobby is knitting and has been for avery long time, ever since I was 5 years old and my grandmother taught me. I indulge myself every month by buying a Knitting magazine. Not the same one every month just one that takes my eye. This month the magazine I bought had a small pattern book as a give away that might just get me knitting something I actually hate nto make, knitted toys. This booklet is called May Mice and has patterns for mice in what people consider Mayday Acivities. The activity that took my eye was the Mice Morrismen. When I have time ie when I get back from my trip, I will scanthe pictures and post them, they are so cute.

An other thing that provided a fun five minutes was a book recomended for Knitters with a leaning towards SiFi Called knits for nerds by Toni Carr. I looked it up on Amazon and I might just buy it for two Patterns, Hobbit Feet Socks and a hat wich is Princess Leias hair style. They may end up as Christmas presents for my FriendsJenny and Sue as we have known each other for so long we've stopped giving 'real' presents(except for gormet foods) and make or buy joke gifts. All I have to decide is which to give to whom.
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This morning I saw the sun come up on midsummer morn for the first time. It wasn't from choice, for some reason last night my body and mind ganged up on me and I didn't get to sleep 'til 10:00am this morning. I wasn't tired last night night so didn't attempt to sleep until midnight and lay there not sleepy and hungry until 2:00 am when I got up and had a bowl of cornflakes and played Bejeweled Blitz until 3 then went back to bed and lay there not sleepy and not hungry watching the night outside my window grow lighter and lighter until the sun caught the end of my garden at 3:47. I gave up at 6 and got up. It was my morning to walk Losyn but Beth rang about 8:30 to say that one of his other walkers had taken him before it got hot. Leslie takes him on very long walks up over the mountain and back down so I breathed a sigh of relief and stayed up until I was feeling sleepy around 10:00 and went back to bed and slept 'til 12. Not having to go into work after one of my insomniac nights is wonderful but I do wish I didn't have these insomniac nights. I am still knackered (that's absolutley exhausted for any one who doesn't speak colloquial English)but I am making myself stay up until at least 10:00 pm or I will be awake to see the sun come up on the day after the Summer Solstice as well.


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