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This week's topic for [profile] show_me_a_world was seasons. Well it is October and that is well into Autumn here in Wales. I should be able to show you my woods in a riot of colour. Like this.
(Click to enlarge, I uploaded them huge and I'm not deleting and trying again, Photobucket hates Picassa ATM))
Yes we are still 99% green, the only bit of colour is a Sycamore that stands between two busy roads and is desperate to get rid of the pollution. The weather was so good for the trees this summer(rain, rain, and a little more rain and very warm)they are not in the least bit distressed and are going for the record of holding on to their leaves.
There are bits of autumn around though so look below the cutand there'a more )
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You've seen my holiday resort so many times you probably know it as well as I do but I have taken a few pictures of things that haven't been there before, so here they are.

More pictures of Newport Beach and surroundings. )
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While staying with Suewe went to visit her Mum in Speen. Sue took the backroads so I have no idea of our route but on the way back we too a little detour to find a place that did narrow boat hire for single days, some where near Milton Keynes, though not very near, on the Grand Union Canal. This picture I call the three ages of mass transport. Not that you can see them all. but we have the canal, the bridge carried the Main East Coast Line and behind that hedge was the road we drove in on.

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Do you remember these from last year
Photobucket They were still there when I got to Sue's place this year.
my how they grew )
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This is Saffron, she is a 13 week old T. Rex disguised very cleverly as a delightful little Shetland sheep dog. In other words, like human babies,she tries every thing with her mouth even people. Unlike humans she has very sharp teeth.
more of her and the rest of the dogs )
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After leaving the heights of Newbridge I went to this car park for the start of my river walk.

more )
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In spite of out side temperatures in the mid 20s centigrade My mind and body told me they didn't want to be sitting around in the shade reading so I decided to go look for some where pretty to photograph. Ever since the road by passing the villages between me and Blackwood I have been saying how lovely a certain view from it looked. Today I went looking for the bridge over this road which would be the only place I could safely take photos from. I found it

This isn't the view I'm on about, just a view back to Newbridge.
The actual pictures follow under the cut )


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