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Another landscape, abit more complex this time.

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 Well that's that for another year.  Don't think I will not infilct more art on you  because if I do something I am proud of at Art class it will be put up on my journal.  For the last day I sketched the Siamese I made a hash of painting yesterday.  I think his head is a little big for his body but it does look as if it came from this planet rather than from outer space.

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 I was adventuous yesterday and tried paint again.  I was doing very well, I had got the background coloured red , the cat body and the cup of ink next to him all shaded and everything.  Then I broke for lunch and A phoned she had passed the home visit and could we go this afternoon to pick up Netty as a neighbour had agreed to sit with her Mam for an hour  or so.

Well we went and got Netty and did it with in the hour and came back to finish my NaArt.  The paint geni had got fed up and gone home and I made a bit of a mess painting the dragon and a terrible mess painting the cat's face.  So the Scholar's cat is not a Siamese as he is supposed to be but a visiting alien learning about Ancient China from a retired Court official.

Netty by the way has ventured out and surveyed the two rooms again and is getting bolder by the minute.  Aunty N's carers comming this morning to bathe her di frighten her back to her 'cage' but she was out again with in an hour.

Any way here be NaArt.
The Original.

The poem

To protect those of a nervous disposition the Alien is under the cut. )

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 Let's get the Rl part over first.  Today the news is good, and moderately good.
The good news is that A has passed the home visit and we are dashing off this afternoon to sign the adoption papers , pay the money over and bring Netty to her new home.
The moderately good news is the massive does of intravenous antibiotics have worked and Jill is coming home today.  It's only moderately good as it wasn't an infected cut but a bunion that became infected and unless it is removed it will happen again and again.  She has to go back in a week to see the orthopedic specalist to make sure the infection has cleared up properly and then she will have to go back in to have the bunion removed.  On Thursday the junior doctors who were checking her in were muttering about amputating the toe but the consultant told them they were talking nonsense last nigh and a bunion removal was all that was needed.  Hopefully she will be able to have a local or spinal anaesthetic because a full anaesthetic with her medical history is not a good thing to contomplate.

And now for the NaArt.
The original

My version

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 I've had a comment that this cat must be female because of the 'habit' worn.  I have posted the scanned poem to confrim that this is supposed to be Brother Cat, in spite of him wearing a nun's robes. %D
I hope you can read it.
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 Whilst looking for some thing completely different yesterday evening I rediscovered a children's library book I had rescued from pulping about 4 years ago.  It was the custom of the library system I worked for to allow the staff to grab any book from the discard piles up in the stack and take it home with them, books were discarded when they became to tatty to live, when a new edition was printed or when they had proved themselves unsuitable for purpose by not being issued for a year.  I've got a good few cookery, cross stitch and knitting books as well as a few fiction books from all those categories as books not fit for issue usually have a lifetime left in them with one careful owner  with  a roll of sticky tape and a lot of patience.  Children's picture books however are usually discarded because they  were too tatty to live and having no children of my own I rarely looked at those discards.  But passing this section of the stack one day in 2002 my eye was caught by a book lieing face up on top of a stack of baby books.
This one

I stopped and picked it up, in spite of being taken into stock in 1994 the cover was in good condition only needing wiping over with a disifectant to make it pleasant to touch and the inside oh that was in pristeen condition and the illustrations were superb.  It went home with me that night and has remained on my shelves along with a book called the Tale of the Harvest Mouse, rescued about a decade earlier, ever since.

Now why am I waffling on about this book you are probably asking?  well my NaArt for today is one of those illustrations and part of the poem(written out in my second best hand writing, I missed out an e in the first monastery and capitalised cat when I shouldn't have)  Below is my version of the ilo and a scan of the original page.

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I did two entries for NaArMaMo today, a very simple and easy collage of the art hanging on my walls was made and uploaded before lunch as I thought my cousins and I were going out this afternoon. Since that fell through I killed a couple of hours sketching a simplified version of a design in a book of cross stitch patterns I bought recently and another half hours putting it through textures. It's called mother Moon in the book and I am reasonably pleased with her though she's a bit lopsided in the horns the face is OK.
So first the collage.

Then the pencil sketch

There's rather a lot so they are under a cut. )
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 An other portrait this time.  I'm hoping that at least half my friends will know this one.

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 I have a slight problem at the moment.  One of the muscles on my upper left arm feels as if I have been stabbed every time I move it.THere isno problem when I wake wup but it gradually comes on during the day.  I would say I had knocked it on something but there is no bruise and I can bruise from a hard look.  I would have said I was a one handed typist before today but it is damned hard to type with one hand.  Any way I did manage to get my water colour of the boat done before it got bad but it has taken 4 hours to dry well enough to lay face down.

The colours are better than the pastels one but to my eyes are the water isn't as good.

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 I missed my entries to my lj yesterday .  I went out to friends for lunch , friends who are very generous with both food and alcohol and came home sliughtly tipsy and feeling like I never wanted to eat again so what I did was very simple but might appear in  natures beauty. my first Cosmos blossom opened yesterday so I went and photographed it and shopped it a little. Then I posted both.  the background 'made' this photo for me.  the flowers behind  the Cosmos are my Astilbes gone to seed.

There are four of them to day so they are under a cut. )
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 Real life has been very boring lately all I have done is sit in doors and wait for  workmen, or do NaArt.  or house work.  I've had a late case of spring clean fever.  I sorted out my pantry to start with.  To those of you who know the standard pantry, a large cupboard off the kitchen, that might not seem to great a task.  My pantry however is a separate room 10ft. by 10 ft but only 5ft 10 inches high.  Half of that floor area has a stone shelf at about 3ft high with an unusable space underneath it. Unusable for anything but storage of things that aren't immediately use but may come in handy later.  Five large rubbish sacks later every thing under there was at the local waste disposal site.  Next I started on the sidboard in the dinning room.  I had pushed god only knows what into there when I moved up from Newport to make this house my home after my parents died.  I got 3 medium sized bags of rubbish and 3 large bags of stuff for the charity shops, mostly storage jars.  Before delivering that I editied my wardrobes and ended up with 5 more bags of stuff (all my 'fat' clothes) tha have been falling off me since last December. Definitely not a life to set the world on fire but I now have all sorts of space to to start filling again.

Any how here is theNaArt for today.  It's a first attempt at a card for my 40 next birthday God daughter Sarah.  She  is in to myth and magic or demons, dungeons and skulls and I thought Myth and Magic would be a better theme for a birthday card.

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 On the premise that you don't improve if you don't practice here are a couple of portraits.  The first is of a very famous scientist, the upper one was drwn upside down as the book I was reading recommended and does look more like him that the second.  the second is a British artist possibley not so well known abroad.  It's a copy of a self portrait.  If no one guesses I'll post who they were supposed to be in my next post.  If some one does guess, I want them tested for telepathy as I don't think any one should be able torecognise them.

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 Yesterday I was pleasant ly suprised when a cousin I see about once a year turned up, unanounced, for a visit.  He  stayed for most of the day and I didnot have a chance to do the NaArt I had planed for yesterday.  Three of us, me , <lj user"entropy_house"> and <lj user="sue_chose_this">  had all decided thatwe wanted to paint this 

And we agreed to paint and post on the same day for NaArMaMo, but thanks to my cousin I didn't get round to it so here it is today.
My stuff under the cut to save my blushes. )
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I tried my hand at a birthday card today, done in ink and rigger brush, it came out a little wobbly but it has encouraged me to do it again for my life long friend Jenny.
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 After having difficulty yesterday getting the water colour fine enough for the small leaves, I went out and spent a lot on coloured inks.  Coloured inks used with dipper pens are like water colours a little goes a long way, i shoul dhave enough black, red, green, silver, and gold ink to last me the rest of my lifeand a quick lesson in copperplate this morning from Rooth i have turned out a reasonable cartd.  if you over look the blob on the first leaf and the fact that the 'oel' of noel have been over written from silver to black.  Here it is.

NaArMaMo 9

Aug. 9th, 2009 04:20 pm
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 After my very busy day yesterday I am too tired to think let alone draw so today's NaArt isn't very good.  I over did the holly and the lettering is bad but here it is.

NaArMaMo 8

Aug. 8th, 2009 11:48 am
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 I was in next door talking to my artistic neighbours Rooth and Mike yesterday, They are away over night and had asked me to feed Finlay, Hobbes and Semtex tomorrow.  I mentioned NaArMaMo to them and they 'bullied' me into showing them what I had done so far. They didn't need to try  to hard.   Rooth then dug out a book on caligaraphy for me to borrow and in the early hours of the morning this morning I tried my hand at a couple of Alphabets.  I was working in electric light so the colours aren't quite what I intended, the leaves in the first are supposed to be copper and in the second dark green.  My blue/green colour blindeness is worse in artificial light.  Stil I rather like the colours that chose me.

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 I got a bit tired of Christmas cards  and decided to do something else today.  If it didn't work I could always do a quick card.  From past experience with NaArMaMo it is impossible to do a proper wwater colour painting from initial sketch to final picture in one day because it took too long to dry between layers.  I decided to try watercolour pencils to see if they were quicker.  
Read more... )

NaArMaMo 5

Aug. 5th, 2009 07:34 pm
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 Thank you all for expressing your opinions , red won so I will be doing an other one of him. Here is today's entry

I haven't been replying to your comments because I was one of the UK ljers suffering communications problems , 2-3 minutes to change pages poor immage upload, often no image upload.  lj seems to have fixed it now so I will be back to my usual not very chatty self .  And thank you for your help in deciding which Drunken Santa was best.

Day 2

Aug. 2nd, 2009 09:20 am
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 I had a bout of insomnia last night and gave up and got up about 4:00 am. so I have my entry done before the post this morning. Again not a total success, I didn't leave room for the horse.  But I have learned that you can use Indian Ink with felt tip pens so long as you do the colouring first.


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