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[profile] vjezkova replied to a challenge to explain what five words she was given meant to her. I asked her for 5 for myself. If you want five just ask in the comments.

Childhood. My Childhood was a happy one from what I remember, but then all I really remember are the good bits. The long sunny days when I roamed the near and far mountainside with the girls gang, or played house in the woods at the top of Oak street with the exposed roots of the old tree's forming the rooms of our houses. Hiding in the half roofed old barn and 'putting on a show right here' if it was a rare showery day. The winters were clear and cold and enough snow fell for us to use our home made sleighs down the steep field that was our park, or for the more daring down the even steeper hill I now live on. I wasn't one of the daring. I have the odd memory of school like the year my whole class entered a competition to go and see The temple of Abu Simnel after it had been moved above the water line the new Aswan Dam would cause. Needless to say I did not win nor did any of my class mates. Oh and the radio, or as we called it then the wireless programs that supplemented our schooling with the more specialised fields like music. I learned many an old song from 'Singing together from the BBC schools programs. And I remember every year at some time in the winter the fathers not working at school finishing time gathering by the river bridge we had to cross to get home from school because the river had flooded. They carried the smallest of us across the flood but as you got older you were hefted up on to the top of the wall and we walked across that holding on to the hand of our rescuer.

I don't have a hobby I have a multitude of them, I knit I crochet, I read, I watch TV and I keep up to date with my sites on the computer. That is the in door hobbies.Out side , I walk or I drive to interesting places. In both cases I am usually carrying a camera and in the first accompanied by a dog. From now on it will be dogs walking and one dog driving. Oh and I am trying to become a gardener too but I'm not making much headway with that
Saffron is a small sable Shetland Sheep dog who entered my life and a 13 week old puppy belonging to my friend Sue. In the week I was staying with Sue she stole my heart and I left thinking that I would only see her again briefly on holidays. Through a series of disasters, for her owners she is now my permanent companion. Sue and her two friends who bought her wanted her for breed showing and breeding from. To be able to do this she had to reach 13 inches high at the shoulders by 4 months old, she didn't she has remained stubornly 12.5 inches since her 15th week. So her owners looked round for a new home for her as a pet and settled on a family two out of the three knew a couple with two children both of an age to treat a dog well but young enough to love rolling around on the floor and playing with it. They could not take her at once as they were in the process of hunting for a new house and didn't want to uproot her twice in quick succession so she remained with Sue for a few more weeks and it was during these weeks that the changes in her behaviour alerted to Sue to a problem. She was whisked off to the vet and her transfer postponed until the problem was sorted out. It turned out to be a problem that couldn't be sorted. Hip Dysplasia was contraindicitive for her to be sent to a home with active youngsters and adults who enjoy long country rambles. I had told Sue, half joking half serious that I would provide a home for her any time she might need one but I have said that for all her dogs. This time I was needed and 4 weeks ago I drove up to Peterborough to spend the weekend learning how to look after her and for her trust and obedience to be transfered to me. She is sleeping soundly in her little bed between the computer chair I am sat in and the back of my easy chair. She has had a hard day walkies with Losyn and myself this morning and two more short walks for the good of her legs with me later in the day. Also a visit with my cousin with MS just own the hill. oh and a half our trying to bite my hand of at the wrist while we rough house on the floor.
The place that paid me to work in an environment I would have volunteered for.  For 30 od of my35 years working in public libraries I thoroughly enjoyed my self, I was surrounded by books met people every day who loved them as much as I did and could have good conversations with them about the stock and what where my favourite books , what were theirs and sometimes exchanged books and read the other's favourite and liked him.  Of course I had to do some proper work but that was a small price to pay.  Then the new regime of issue numbers and registration goals and don't stand around chatting came in.  I was very glad to finish when I did.
To be born Welsh
is to be born privileged.
Not with a silver spoon in your mouth,
But music in your blood
And poetry in your soul
- Wilfred Wilson

Add that you have been born in the most beautiful country on Earth and I think that sums it up for me. %D
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MY LIFE ACCORDING TO: Voyage to the bottom of the sea ( the old series starting in 1964)
Answers below )
Are you a male or a female?
The mermaid
more answers below )
How do you feel:
The shape of doom
Describe where you currently live:
The Edge of Doom
If you could go anywhere where would you go?
The city beneath the Sea
Your favorite form of transportation:
The Haunted submarine
Your best friend is:
The Creature
What’s the weather like:
Deadly cloud
Favorite time of day:
Night of Terror
If your life was a TV show, it would be called:
Journey with feart
What is life to you:
Eleven days to zero
Your fear: 
The Mummy
What is the best advice you have to give:
Thought for the Day:
No escape from death
How I would like to die:
The last battle
My soul’s present condition:
My motto:
No way back


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