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I'm on a knitting forum called Knitting Paradise and your knitting pattern for the Tardis under your lj name. It's a direct link so I thought I would let you know in case you wonder why nit's getting so many hits.
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I went mad in an on line yarn shop a few weeks ago. Part of the madness turned up yesterday afternoon. I managed to resist opening it last night but couldn't stop myself this morning. I bought 4 hanks(skein) of natural silk and I wound one hank into a ball.. I should have known better, my nice black out fit now looks as if I had been laying on the yard. Yes I'm covered in a pale cream fluff and the garden is rapidly becoming covered with soft white snow. The birds breakfast is already covered but it's not yet sticking on the stones. I hate winter, I want spring NOW.
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Just after I retired I contacted an organisation called Care and Repair to ask for their help in finding a reliable builder to do the work that needs doing. Although I haven't been working for a couple of years I had to wait until I had officially passed retirement age(60)for them to help me. There was a waiting list as they don't just supply names, they come to the house to see what needs to be done then send out for tenders from 3 builders on their list and when they come back I chose which one I want to do the job10 days ago my turn came and a nice lady came to see me, we had a nice chat about security fire safety and what was needed in this house. We also had a chat about finances and grants for the job. It turns out I have just a little too much in savings to be able to claim much. When she got back to the office she arranged for the police and fire officers to call to sort out my safety needs and for their own surveyor, an other nice lady, to come and do a detailed study of the house and it's needs.

So Monday morning I went out to lower my savings a little by buying a few things for the house. I needed a new washing machine ever since Mam bought the one I have now because it has never worked properly. Half way through the cool wash it just stops and has done that from the first moment it was used. If you move the dial on manually one notch it starts up again so it is usable
but a pain in the butt. I did not know this until I moved home to look after Mam, a year after it had been bought so I couldn't do any thing about it then and it was too new to replace(Mam's words). So I went out to buy one, While I was there I was strolling round looking at the TV's, come March we go digital and I will have to either buy a set top box for the upstairs TV or buy a new one, so I bought a new one now. It looked so small in the shop but in my bedroom it feels as if I am laying on a comfortable couch in a small cinema. I think I may be moving it down stairs. Any way It was sale time in Curry's(where I bought the electric goods) and I spent about £300 less than I expected. And since Hobycraft was next door I went in and went mad in the knitting section. Do you remember this entry I have finally found the wool to make it. It was a self stripping wool and I thought it would save a lot of yarn compared to buy lots of colours and changing at random intervals. It wasn't until I got it home that I noticed the small letters under the makers name Sidar Crofters DK. They said Fair Isle effect. So I decided to do the pattern in stocking stitch instead of garter stitch.
Click on the picture below to get full size.


I had to get back by lunch time because the police were calling in the afternoon. A nice WPC had a look round and said the only extras I could have if I wanted was a chin on the front door with a peep hole and a proximity light on the back, both of which the will do for free. They will be back Monday to do both.
Tuesday the washing machine and TV were delivered and the Washing machine was taken back as my cooker has to be moved for the men that came with it to install it. As my cooker is gas and they only have electricity and water qualifications they couldn't do it. I'm going to have to get Tim back(the person who put in my new boiler) and just have the machine delivered and stored in the pantry 'til Tim can come and put it in.
Wednesday was cousin A's 6 hour day off, you've heard about that already
Thursday was cousin A again, this time I was helping her edit her airing cupboard, she is a worse hoarder that I am and I thought I was the worlds worst. She had sheets in there that were so old and so well washed they had become thin enough to read a newspaper through. She was very reluctant to get rid off them until I mentioned that the animal sanctuary we got Netty from would fall on them with cries of joy as bedding for the dogs and cats. I now have a bag of bedding in my boot to deliver when I have a minute.
Friday the surveyor from Care and Repair came, she is hoping that they can persuade the Council that the house needs gutting, as I don't have too much savings for a grant that big, as that won't be much more disruptive than just repairing the damp walls but nothing is likely to happen until next winter. Pray for a winter without snow for me please. As it is I will have to move out while everything is done even if it is only the basics. Thank goodness Beth and Jill have a spare bedroom.I have the weekend to myself and Monday the Police call again to put the chain and peep hole in. Life has been Busy
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Vertical stripes do not suit the big busted unless the garment is so large it hangs like a sack. Oh and as a bonus you can just see my little camera.


It's the charity shop for this one and more knitting in a plain colour for me.
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For the past few weeks I have been sorting through my jumpers(sweaters) that I have knitted through the years and may be worn only once or twice because work and shops keep the temperature up at tropical year round. I really only needed them for traveling back and forth, buses being the one place that gets cold. I am a recreational knitter, in fact it is my major form of exercise I have biceps like a navy because of 35 years of knitting%P. I have knitted jumpers stowed away dating from every decade back to the 60s and a lot of them in very good wool. So instead of giving them to the charity shops I decided to undo the best and re knit the yarn. I started my first last weekend, a sweater knitted cuff to cuff. I had undone two jumpers knitted in the 70s, I think, when the fashion was that the welt started 2 inches below the waist and the jumper started at waist level. I looked like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle with string in them. Neither jumper when undone yielded enough wool to knit a proper length yarn but since they were complimentary colours I decided to stripe them.

I wanted vertical stripes and there are two ways to do that:-
1Interweaving the thread you are not using behind the the thread you are. This gives a very solid very warm fabric but I find it laborious and boring.
2 Knit it cuff to cuff taking the unused wool up the edge of the stripe you are knitting by looping the colour in use under the other colour as you go on the knit side usually. This I love, it is quick easy and in the end you have only 2, very long, seams to sew up. That is very much a plus point for me. It does mean that he stripes on the arms are horizontal but I don't mind so much having Michelin Men arms as long as the body is vertical.

It has been a long time since I knitted this way so I went in search of a pattern on line and one of my searches brought me to Amazon and a book that specialises in that sort of pattern, which I promptly bought. I also bought one of the recomendations which I am passing on to you. It is not as simple as it looks as there is is one pattern I haven't been able to make head nor tail of but the pattern I bought it for is very simple, that pattern is on the front cover right,
It is not difficult as it is all done in garter stitch and in strips of differing lengths sewn together. The chevron effect is done by knitting the bias, which what you are doing with that dropped stitch scarf from Knitty, Clapotis. This pattern calls for changing colours every now and then to give a random stripe but you could use self striping yarns
One day I will have a go at the blanket bottom left too.

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Having about 150 grams of yarn left over from my shaw/blanket I decided to see if i could knit a pair of socks that actually looked wearable. In 24 hours I have produced a good looking wearable sock.

Now I only have to reproduce it and I will be toasty warm in doors next winter.

Here be photos. )
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I wandered into Shaw's, a haberdashers in Blackwood, to buy some tights a week ago and found they were selling off the rest of there stock of Wendy Fusion knitting wool at 50p a ball.  Not enough of any colour to do more than a scarf but I had an ides.  I bought 2 balls of 4 different colours and manged to knit myself a coat of many colours.  There is one problem however, I wasn't using a pattern, it's just a simple T shape easy enough to knit in one piece, and difficult to try on until it's finished.  My knitting head is still thinking of me the weight \i was this time last year which made me a size and a half bigger then I am this year and it is far to big.  I am going to have to un do it all and start again, later much later.    But it does tell me I like the colours

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