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Every night when it gets towards bedtime when ever I move in my seat Saffron and Kandi stop what ever they are doing and look at me just in case I'm going to stand up and get them their supper time dog biscuit. Last night Saffron was asleep and Kandi was beginning a stretch. And as I swung my legs down from my foot stool she froze and stayed long enough for me to take a photo.


She actually stayed that way for about 3 minutes . I could have taken my time and not got what ever is blocking the right hand side.

Saffron was a sleep in one of the baskets but the flash must have wakened her because she was staring at me too.
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We had snow here yesterday, not a lot we were just a little too far south for the heavy stuff all of 12 or so miles.
Here are a few showing how little we had in spite of it snowing from at least 8:30 am to dusk.

One with Kandi to prove it is this year.


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I noticed last year that Saffron loved the snow, it seems it is either a coincidence, a family trait(Kandi and Saffron are half sisters and share many more distant ancestors than their father)or a Sheltie trait because Kandi went a little mad tonight after being taken for their last walk and insisted that the garden door be opened for her to race around the lawn in the snow, closely followed by Saffron. When they came back in, a bribe of biscuits was necessary to get them in, they decided that my very small and crowded living room would be their playground tonight and I got some action pictures of them. Let me reassure those of you who do not know the breed, they are playing not fighting.
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Three weeks ago I adopted an other Sheltie as a companion for Saffron, her name is Kandi. I did promise photos as soon as I could get them but Kandi had a difficult beginning. Her breeder kept her out of her littler to breed from her. The bitches were not ill treated but were kept in good kennels with large runs, they had good food and , the vet when needed but no love. Her breeder treated her bitches as a commercial farm treats it's cows. But dogs are not cows some dogs would be happy with this treatment, never knowing any other way of life , and some would be miserable. Kandi is one of the latter, she needs people. and the breeder realised this and after she had her first and only litter at 2 years old started looking for a pet home for her. Now this breeder is the one that bred Saffron and she offered Sue and friends a free pup from either of the two bitches that had pups in May, to replace Saffron. She mentioned Kandi to them when they went to chose a pup and Sue immediately thought of Saffron and said she knew some one who would take her. Well 3/4 weeks ago I went to collect her at the same time as Sue and friends went to pick up the pup they had chosen, Katy,Photobucket Kandi's daughter.
KandiPhotobucket was pathetically frightened of the outside world when we got her back to Sue's. I took her leash off at the front door and she ran as fast and as far as she could through the bungalow and refused to moved from the living room settee for the rest of the day. I sat by her for most of that day petting her and feeding her little bits of liver cake until she stopped shaking and got down from the settee to look around the room. I clipped a lead on her and lead her out to the dog's garden when Sue took Katy and the rest of her dogs to show young one where the toilet was(as of last Saturday she still hasn't learned, she prefers the dog beds Kandi is sitting on in her picture) Having Sue's 6 adult dogs and her puppy with her gave my little girl a lot of courage and by mid week(I had picked her up Monday) she was running in and out with the others and we had taken her for 2 walks on a flexi-lead. Since coming back to her for ever home she has come on by leaps and bounds but we are finding things that frighten her every day. One thing is me with a camera pointed at her. Luckily [personal profile] sue_chose_this came to stay for a few days this week and she has taken some wonderful pictures of my furry family for me. The first one is mother and daughter taken by me(as are the two in the body of this entry) the rest are those taken by [personal profile] sue_chose_this. as always these are thumbnails click to enlarge.
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