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Do you remember these from last year
Photobucket They were still there when I got to Sue's place this year.
my how they grew )
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It is a tradition in my family that we all bet on the Grand National.( For those who might not know what I'm talking about) This date from a time before off course betting was allowed but Gran knew the local bookie so we could put a small bet on I was betting on this race from the moment I got any pocket money so that would be around 55 years when I was putting a half penny each way on one horse. My cousins and I still keep up the tradition and my bet has risen to a pound each way on two horses. Today was the first time in all that time that I have won on any of my bets. One of my horses came in 4th in today's National and my second horse also made it round with his rider still in the saddle. That has happened a time or two but not often. I bet £4 in total and my winnings were £3-50, so my win on the National amounts to a loss of 50p. I'll never get rich this way but I had hoped to break even.

My horses were Big Fella Thanks who came in 4th for me and Snowy Morning who made it round but came in out side the first 4 so didn't win any thing. His rider was only 17 and up for the National for the first time so I think the lad has a good career ahead of him, judging by this race. Many more experienced jockeys were thrown at the jumps, he was either very lucky or very skilled.


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