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Not my garden this time, it's the strip of dryish land that borders the street at the end of my cousin' Beth's garden. The colour of the fruit on her crab apple tree first caught my eye when I was walking the dogs this evening so I came home and got my camera. Then the colour combination a bit further down struck me too. so here are bot plus a close of the apples.

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At Last RL

Dec. 1st, 2009 08:08 am
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Winter arrived with a bang over night, We have had the first hard white frost of the winter.And to prove it here are a couple of pictures.

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The at last refers to my total inability to remove a living plant from the ground. Those Nasturtium should have been out about a month ago but not only were they still green but they were flowering right up until last week. By tomorrow, or even later today they will be thoroughly dead and I can whip them out and plant the bulbs I bought at the beginning of November.

On a less happy note, I walked into the kitchen Sunday morning to be greeted with this.
Well slightly less than that it has grown over Monday. Judging from where it is I think, actually hope, that my central heating system has sprung a leak under the floorboards up stairs. I say hope because I am fully insured for parts and work so if it is that I can have it fixed for free. Since there is no equivalent stain upstairs so I don't think it is the roof. But the combination of the two events means that I am with out the central Heating on the coldest day this winter so far. Thank goodness for the gas fire in the living room. The reason the damp patch has had all day Monday to get worse is that British Gas Homecare do not work weekends they send a local man round if it is an emergency and all he would have done would have been to drain the system and switch the water of so it could not refill. Which would mean I would have been without water as well as heat for two days, because the first time they could come out to fix it was today, some time between 8:00 and 1:00. Knowing my luck it will be 5 Minutes to 1:00 that he will arrive and it will take him all afternoon to find and fix. So here I sit in the only warm room in the house and here I will sit for a good long while. Thank goodness for knitting at least I will have some thing to do.
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When I last put some up vilakins mentioned the garden I was in the stage of trying to creat when she and her husband stayed with me .  It was at the dead grass stage then and I did try to make a garden there the grass from the lawn over the fence kept creeping in and eventually overpowered my resolve.  I left it ito it's own devices and let it become a wild life garden.  I keep the brambles at bay but otherwise any thing that can self seed into the parrie(very miniture) is welcome to grow there.  This means a lot of native plants for the birds, bees and butterflies
Here's what it looks like now


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