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Not my garden this time, it's the strip of dryish land that borders the street at the end of my cousin' Beth's garden. The colour of the fruit on her crab apple tree first caught my eye when I was walking the dogs this evening so I came home and got my camera. Then the colour combination a bit further down struck me too. so here are bot plus a close of the apples.

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Naarmamo 4

Aug. 4th, 2010 01:54 pm
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No time to draw today, so here is a bit of quick and simple flower arranging. Any one knowing the name of the tall purple flowers please tell me. Those and the sweet peas are both from my garden and I planted them boith but I can't remember what they are. Oh and I put the copper bands on the vase but not today more like ten years ago.

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I have had a busy weekend, starting Friday when I spent a very pleasant day at the RHSS Flower Show in Bute Park Cardiff. It would have fitted into the two flower marquees at Hampton court and had only 4 gardens and one dozen planted wheel barrows but it was enough. We weren't totally exhausted when we left like we were at Hampton Court.
Saturday I drove all the way up to Builth Wells to meet with Sue, Suzane and Anne(humans) and Dailey, Dylis and Alice( Shetland Sheep dogs) Unfortunately I don't have photos of the furry three as my camera battery died as soon as I turned it on. It was a beautiful day and the an interesting couple of hours but nearly 2 hours there and the same back on small windy A roads, as opposed to Motorways.
Sunday we went out to lunch and in the afternoon I gardened.

I had been given a solar powered fountain for my 60th birthday from one of my cousins, it has sat in it's box all winter and I decided that I would plant the two Clematis, one early flowering one late, buy the dog rose in the hope they would climb it and make it look pretty when the flowers it produces are over. put the garden ornaments in by the one I already had and try and set up the fountain too. Well steps one and two were done, the shortest blue one I've had for a while, and you can see the dog rose stems and the labels of the clematis behind them.
Mike, next door neighbour actually st up a post and screwed the photoelectric cells to it for me and I set the pump in the water. The sun was setting but there was still enough light to give us this.
That is a water buttercup I bought last autumn which, until this week looked dead. The flag iris I bought at the same time is showing green leaves amongst the brown too. he rest of my garden is showing a lot of green but very few flowers.
A couple of days more sun and theses might show colour by the end of the week.

The only colur I've got is the rather somber Helibor.
It would be much prettier if it would only lift its head.


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