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Today i tried to do an ink sketch of one of my ornaments, a cat. Unfortunately the only ink I could find was my gold so the other colours are water colour and don't have the right something, I can't express what it is, to blend well none the less here he is.


While looking for my coloured inks I cam across some 18 year old photographs that show that dragons have always been an art form for us. They were taken at the 1992 Garden Festival at Ebbs Vale. For those too young to remember them or not from the UK the following gives a brief out line of the brief history of Garden Festivals.

The National Garden Festivals were a high-profile 1980s initiative by the then Conservative Government in response to criticism of their alleged neglect of areas hit by the decline of heavy industry. Environment Minister Michael Heseltine proposed that derelict land should be reclaimed for a Garden Festival as a symbol of the rebirth of such areas. The festivals were held every two years. The first such Festival was held in Liverpool in 1984. Subsequent festivals were held in Stoke-on-Trent (1986) and Glasgow (1988) and Gateshead (1990) and Ebbw Vale Garden Festival (1992) which eventually won the competition. The festivals were highly successful in attracting millions of visitors from all over the country to industrial areas long ignored by British tourists. However they did not always lead to the hoped-for long-term injection of private investment in the affected areas.
Ebbw Vale is said to be the only one that succeeded in doing what it was supposed to do. I made a collage of the dragons found there. The central photo is an overview of the festivals.

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These are all on the outskirts of Town, most of them at sites that are classed as tourist stops.

The first one are at Newport Transporter Bridge

This one is called Reflection of Nature, The day was grey so all we got were Grey reflections. Behind him you can see the Transporter bridge 'in Flight'.
and there is more )


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