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Further to my last post. Hugo, Dylis and Daily were the dogs that were running in the competition on Sunday, I managed to get pictures of Hugo and Dylis at a previous event but because of my injuries I was unable to stand long enough to take photos so here are the two previous ones of them in action.

Hugo was ia practice ring here.

And Daily is the Sheltie in the middle of this picture
Sue expected Daily to do well but she gave him the wrong order at one point which he obeyed exactly but that made him out of the running for a place. Sue was as as firewith herself for that as he did well enough to have run in first in every thing else.

Hugo has been resting for few weeks as he ran out lame in a show in July and Sue was not expecting much from him and kept him slower than he wanted to go. He got a clear round but was too slow for a place.

Dylis has also been off for a few months after being spayed so Sue didn't think she would get any where but she ran her little socks off and got a 4th and a lovely rosette.

I'm back

Sep. 27th, 2009 02:23 pm
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 Actually I got back yesterday about 5:30pm after having to detour rather radically when our usual route was closed by a major accident just before we hit Camarthan.  we had to back track and head up north in land to the A40 and Brecon, dropping down to the Heads of the Valley road and home.  It was a nice trip through the Beacons on a nearly empty road in beautiful sunshine.  As there was no difference in Newport Pembrokeshire from my last visit any one who wasn't my friend in September last year can see it here  in much better weather than we had this year.  It was at least fine but  usually with a thin cloud cover and a cold north easterly wind that made sitting around very chilly.  And since as creche Mama that was what I was doing while Sue walked varying numbers of dogs so I spent most of the week in at least 4 layers of clothing, t shirt, long sleved blouse, sweat shirt and thick jumper.  The day I went up to 5 layers I looked like a Michelin Man.

There were a few photos that would be new so here they follow.

Sue and the dogs arrived about 2:00pm on the Friday and after dinner I introduced the 7 of them to the Sirhowy Valley walk.  We had arrived there and I discovered I had forgotten my walking stick so I did 2.5 miles walk with out it.  I needed a couple of pain killers when I arrived home but only 2.  My stone loss has had a dramatic affect on my knees for the good.  The dogs loved hte walk, the new baby had to be on a lead but she seemed to be very happy too.

Last year I had a settee and the dogs fought for the right to sit beside Sue on it.   This year there is only a chair so Cas decided to preempt it so that Sue would have to cuddle up to her for a seat.

This is Dilys.  She is one year old but has been with the pack only 2 months so this past week was all new to her and she loved every minute.  Here she is trying to decide if I would be OK fore a suden appearence of a dog on my lap and she decided that I would be OK with it.  After that first time I couldn't sit down with out her being there 5 seconds later.
This is Dilys the new baby.  She is actually 1 year old so not so much a baby but everything here and in holiday was new to her it was delightful to see her joy at the beach and he sea.

This is Dales(now 4 years old) and Dils


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