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Thank you for your comments on yesterday's post I think I have calmed down now but it took a long time to fall asleep last night. I would just be dropping off and my brain would jerk me awake to check that Kandi was still there, as a result I feel like one of the living dead today. Kandi has been the perfect little dog today, she came when she was called , was almost never more than 5 yards from me when we were on our walk this morning. The only time she was further away was when she and Saffron were playing King of the Castle and she was defending the high ground. She lost because she was taking her eyes off Saffy to make sure I was still around. Tonight when we go for their toilet walk Kandi will not be let off the lead , which will upset her mightly but I am not risking another night like last night.
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I have just had the worst 2 hours of my life so far. I took the girls up to the girls behind the village for late night toilets, normally we walk into the first field , I take their lead off, they do what is necessary, snuffle a round a bit then come back to me the leads go on and we come home. I have to take Saffron out as she will not use the garden, Kandi does but she comes as well. Tonight was not normal, we got up up to the filed , I took the leads off and Kandi was off like a greyhound from the gate, over into the next field but by the time we got there she was no where in sight, not that I could see very far just to the end of my torch light. Well I've spent the time since then(8:30 pm)wandering round the streets calling her quietly and asking every god I knew the name of to bring her back then coming back home in the hope she would be sitting on the doorstep. Half an hour ago I started out on what would have been my last circuit and this time I took Saffron with me in the hope she might scent her. And she did, As we passed gate to the house next door to Beth's Saffron pulled me towards it. And sitting behind the gate was Kandi. She was so delighted to see us I hope she will not go chasing off again. What puzzled me then was how did she get into the garden. The front gate was shut, there is about 6 feet deep bramble patch on the field side of the fence behind the house. The only way she could have done it would be if Beth's gate at the back of the house up to the field was open and she had come down into the back garden and jumped the gate between the two houses That gate wouldn't be open as it has a strong spring on it to make sure the young nephews and nieces couldn't get into the neighbouring garden when the were visiting. I know she is a good jumper but I didn't think she was that good.
Kandi will still be coming for late night walkies but until it is full daylight at 9:00pm she will be kept on the lead.
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This is very much an experiment, I was given a digital movie camera for Christmas and I have been playing with it since then, My still camera was, and still is, out of action during our snow but I did manage to get a very short but good video of my girls in the snow. I am now going to try to link it into this entry. If it works once the screen goes white stop watching as it then goes black for 4 minutes.¤t=SUNP0018.mp4
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The Met Office has been warning Wales about blizzards heading in from the north west since last weekend. We will not be having the depth some of you in the colder parts of the world have. In normal snow weather we are unlucky to have more then a couple of inches. We, here in the valleys of South Wales have been on an amber warning, up to six inches, for this week. Tonight it changes we are now on red alert a foot or more. We haven't seen that much since 1963 and that was the worst winter of the 20 th century for the UK. So I am going to go stir crazy if it lasts more than a few days. I won't be able to drive any where and the dogs will be jumping out of their skins with the need for a good walk. I'm not at all sure Kandi has ever seen more than a few millimetres of snow she is only 2.75 years old and her birthplace they haven't had any proper snow for over 3 years. Saffron did see a few centimetres last year and loved it.

Beth gave me a digital movie camera for Christmas, I will have to take it out with us on our short walks and learn to up load any thing that they do that is interesting.
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Sue and Anne, wh are co owners of Katie and Alice have taken them and Sue's adult male Daily to Edinburgh for a show this week end, I am left with my two Cas,Hugo,Dyllis and Solo. Solo being a 16 week old tricoloured Sheltie somehow related to both of mine. Meet Solo playing with his Aunts we think, Kandi and Saffron. All pictures will be thumbnails as I haven't mastered the new photobucket yet, just click on the pictures to enlarge.


This one was taken today.100_0746

We know he has grown in one week though it doesn't show here. Sue's garden door is one step above the garden and Solo used to get ahead of everyone else by walking under the door to get to the opening whileall the others had to walk around the door, hw had no problems walking upright under it a week ago he now has to duck his head.

Today he learned that he could jump on to the chairs in the living room, here he is on for the first time
And here he is jumping off


He's better than TV.

Tomorrow I will try to make a story as photbucket calls it and post them.
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Dawn,or at least the first view of the sun that day, ove the Nevern esturay Newport Beach.

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We were walking around the local sports field which is bordered on one side by the river Ebbw. Which can look beautiful.

Then you push through some bushes and see this, a remnant of our heavily industrialised past.


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My freind Sue and her 7 dogs(4 large crossbreed a 3 Shelties, photos will come later)arrived Saturday. Sunday I stayed home with the two eldest, cross breeds aged 15 and 16, and my two. The old boys came for a very short walk in the morning and then pottered in and out of the garden for the rest of the day while I took the girls on a nice long walk. One of Sue's Seven is Katie, my Kandi's daughter, and as I think I've told you Saffron and Kandi are half sisters so I will leave you with a few pictures of the Sheltie family.

Kandi and Katie are sitting side by side, Saffron has her back to us, and that is 15 year old Elliot behind the group.

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Every night when it gets towards bedtime when ever I move in my seat Saffron and Kandi stop what ever they are doing and look at me just in case I'm going to stand up and get them their supper time dog biscuit. Last night Saffron was asleep and Kandi was beginning a stretch. And as I swung my legs down from my foot stool she froze and stayed long enough for me to take a photo.


She actually stayed that way for about 3 minutes . I could have taken my time and not got what ever is blocking the right hand side.

Saffron was a sleep in one of the baskets but the flash must have wakened her because she was staring at me too.
(Thumbnail click to enlarge)
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I noticed last year that Saffron loved the snow, it seems it is either a coincidence, a family trait(Kandi and Saffron are half sisters and share many more distant ancestors than their father)or a Sheltie trait because Kandi went a little mad tonight after being taken for their last walk and insisted that the garden door be opened for her to race around the lawn in the snow, closely followed by Saffron. When they came back in, a bribe of biscuits was necessary to get them in, they decided that my very small and crowded living room would be their playground tonight and I got some action pictures of them. Let me reassure those of you who do not know the breed, they are playing not fighting.
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I have also been doing some retail therapy on line, I had enough money saved at long last to replace my old heavy duty Kodak with it's current replacement.

Photobucket Photobucket
I bought it on line and it arrived via UPS yesterday afternoon. This morning I have been seeing how it works here be more photos )
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My default icon will be changed as soon as I can get home and get my camera recharged. Long story short I have another sable(a true shaded sable this time)Sheltie from the same breeder as Saffron.

I have been looking for a companion for Saffron for some time now and have not succeeded but Sue was waiting for a replacement pup in lieu of Saffron being unfit for purpose(She was bought for showing and breeding and because of her hip problems can do neither) and while examining the present avilable litters was chatting to the breeder and asked her if she knew of any one who had a young Sheltie in need of a new home and was asked why. Sue explained about Saffron needing a companion and the breeder said more or less.
"I am thinking of replacing one of my breeding bitches with a pup from this litter I may have one to rehome"
It turns out the youngest of them has never really bonded with her owner and it was she, a 2 year old, who was being replaced. So last Sunday I drove up to East Anglia and Sue's place and Monday we went to collect her pup I went with her. Candy and I were firm freinds in minutes and I was able to take her out to the car to meet Saffron. The meeting went well and we left with Candy and Katy. Katy is a shaded sable too and by coincidence Candy's daughter. I cannot fault the conditions at their breeders, in many ways they were better than living with me, they had their own bed spaces and a huge run they could go and mix with the other bitches as and when they wanted, good food and toys for those young enough to want to play. But it is the breeders income she cannot afford to become to fond of any of the dogs she has as breeders or breeds to sell and they do lack petting and fussing that those who are a pet/working dog, in Sue's case, pure pet in mine, get. Candy we have discovered is a Sheltie that responds more readily to affection than food and I am giving her that in plenty. She has only had one litter but we think she has only left the confines of the kennel to be mated and for visits to the vet and groomers so the outside world is very foreign to her. Rather like a nun who entered and enclosed order 20 years ago as a young woman and decided to change to an order that goes out in the world in middle age. She is very nervous and doesn't know how to walk on a lead. Men are an unkown factor in her life and big though the run is we think she suffers fron agarophobia but she has come on miraculously since she moved in with Sue's pack. There may be a set back when it is just me her and Saffron and it will take a lot of time and patience before she is half as confident as Saffron but I will persevere. No pictures today as I am working on Sue's computer but I promise plenty when I am back home.
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My little girl has returned to normal as far as her personality is concerned. We went for a sit down to Fourteen locks, a local beauty spot/place of historic interest with Beth and Losyn. They went for a walk and Saffy and I sat in the sun outside the visitor centre/cafe and watched the world go by. She made friends with
A Pyranean Mountain dog
A Westie cross
A Spaniel
a black Lab
and 4 young girls.
She had to be restrained with the smaller dogs, the big ones just touched noses and walked away. Today she was desperate to play tuggie with Losyn, who very sensibly refused to do so. Her scar is nice and clean and pink as her shaved stomach but there is a slight bruising around one end. It pulls on her from time to time as she sudenlly sits down and looks at her belly then gets up and carries on. She sleeps a lot of the time when we are indoors alone and wants to go to bed early and wakes up late but that is only natural, she has had a full hysterectomy. All in all I am happy with her progress.
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Thank you all for your good wishes, Saffron was groggy for most of the evening and wanted to go to bed at 8:00 pm but I made her stay up til 9 then we went up and she flaked out while I watched TV until normal bedtime and flaked out myself. She really hates the collar and won't even move when she has it on so I removed it when we got up this morning for her to eat and left it off. After two attempts to get to her scar were met with a very firm and loud NO with her nose being pushed away from it she has not tried again, I've taken the bandage off her front paw and she licked that intensely for about 5 minutes then left it alone. she has been sat on my lap since8:00 am until 10:00 when I put her down to go get dressed. When I came back down she had got up on to 'her' chair(I have a very low stool in front of it so she just walks up the way she does steps)and is curled up asleep. She is eating very well and has drunk for the first time since she came home so every thing is going very well. She is in some slight pain as she takes 3 steps and then sits down and asks for a carry. I am being a kind Mam and giving her a daily dose of the painkiller she usually only gets when I think she need sit for her hip problems(Metacam has some dreadful possible side effects like liver failure, kidney problems and stomach problems so she gets as little as possible), it will only be for a week.  I am also being a cruel Mam and refuse to carry her.  so I am sitting here at my lap top glancing occasionally over to the little one and lazing the day away.

She's back

Apr. 14th, 2011 06:38 pm
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I was at the vets by 5:50 but her post op nurse was busy with one of her other charges so we didn't get out of there until 30 minutes later. She was still alittle groggy when we got home but woke up quickly when offered food but could not figure out how to est it with her lamp shade on so I had to hand feed her. I have the feeling I will have to take the collar off for to drink, for a bright girl she is making heavy weather of feeding and drinking with a collar. We hadn't been in 5 minutes before we got the first attempt to get the collar off-- one paw either side of her head behind the collar and push like mad. She won't have much of a scar judging by the dressing over it, it's as long as my index fingure and about 3 tiimes as wide. She has a much bigger bandage on herleft fore paw where the drip was inserted. She had started whimpering at me but I gave her a small dose of the painkiller/anti-inflamitory she takes for her hips and she is laying on her chair watching the TV. I will have to take her for a short walk later, or maybe a short carry might be better.
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First the computer woes, I have been having problems with my desk top for some time now. It hasn't been remembering my passwords for my sites and Java and an other program for simple gaming have been crashing with unpleasant regularity. I have been putting up wit it but when it crashed three times in 10 minutes (when I was trying to upload some photographs I gave up and shut down until I can get it to the nice shop in Blackwood that mends dodgy computers. So I am writing this on my lap top which does not have the pictures on it I want because the desktop threw a wobbly.
The photos were of Sue and her dogs at the agility show, they will be posted at a later date. But I do have to tell you about the weekend. Sue and the gang arrived about 9:00 pm on Wednesday night. When she knocked on the door Saffy started her "I'm a big tough dog and if you come in here I'll bite you act" but as soon as I opened the door and she saw Daily Dylis(shelties)(Photobucket) and EliottEliot will sleep anywhere)( the 11 year old cross breed that looks like a setter cross but isn't) pulled Sue through the door, she went into her welcome dance with squeeks. When Sue went back to the van and brought in the rest of the pack{And a Mum Cazzy Photobucket} she became so excited I thought I might have to sedate her. The others weren't much calmer but they all finally settled down to sleeping(everyone except Dylis and Saffron) and playing(guess who). Thursday wasn't a particulaly good day so we spent the morning shopping in Abergavenny. The dogs remained in the van in their cages, Sue has a van with 7 cages, 4 large one on the bottom row and 3 smaller ones on the top, which completely fill the back door and are lockable so that when the dogs are left in them with out us, the back doors are opened and the cages locked so the are not over heated if the sun comes out. Then we went in search of a picnic area following the directions given to us by the tourist information office got lost and ended up in a very nice woodland picnic area in a forest (wood= native trees Forest= pines trees planted by man) with a stream running in a small valley cut off from the picnic area by a good fence and a style. After lunch we lifted the small dogs over this and taught the larger ones to jump it and they had a whale of a time paddling and exploring.
Friday we went to Tintern abbey and had a lovely sunny day walking the dogs along the Wye Valley walk and browsing the shops. Saturday was show day I will talk of that when I can use my photos. Sunday we went to Builth Wells Had Lunch by the river walked the dogs and started for home as it started to rain. We stopped off at a gift shop/art gallery/cafe in a railway station which ahd managed to survive it's railway by 50 years.
Monday morning Sue and company were going home so she packed her brood into the van and I did the same with Saffron and Losyn in my car and all 10 of us went for a lovely long walk down the Sirhowy Valley Country Park. Thanks to the visit Saffron has learned to walk down the bedroom stairs but not up them and is eating everything I put before her instead of being picky. It won't last but(with the food I mean, I think she is too proud of herself walkign down stairs for her to stop)so I am enjoying it while I can.
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Second times a charm, I hope. I tried to post earlier but my new baby shoved a paw in and I lost it. I am safely home with Saffron and she is altering my life already. I have had to pick up the candles from around the fire and move my camera. I am tired and want to go to bed and she doesn't. So she decided that the most comfrtable place for her to sleep was on my head. She is now happily ensconced on her mat chewing on a cow hoof looking like she is set up for the night.
She has lived in a bungalow most of her life she freeaked out the first time I went upstairs. Going up didn't bother her but when I appeared feet first comming down shee backed away and growled at me. it wasn't untill I was fully in the room did she stop growling.
She wants cuddling again so I have to post now. More when she is more settled.
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Do you remember this.
This is Saffron the little 13 week old T. Rex masquerading as a 13 week old Sheltie. Well she is over 6 months old now and is still a cute little dog but with one major problem, She has been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia you can read the the horrible details here
but the excerpt below will tell you how Sue realised something was wrong with her

A dysplastic animal has probably lived with the condition since it was only a few months old, and has therefore grown up taking the chronic pain for granted and have learned to live with it. Dogs suffering such pain do not usually exhibit acute signs of pain. Sometimes, they will suddenly and abnormally sit down when walking, or refuse to walk or climb objects which they usually would, but this can equally be a symptom of many other things, including a thorn in the paw, or a temporary muscle pain. So pain recognition is less common a means of detection than the visible gait and other abnormalities described above.

Sue realised something was wrong when Saffron stopped standing on her hind legs to watch her take a bath and just sat in front of her instead of jumping up on her lap when she wanted a cuddle.
She is undergoing what little treatment is available to her at the moment which is building up her hind legs muscles by intensive walking and hydrotherapy. She will never be a healthy dog and will not be able to keep up with the pack so Sue was looking for a new home for her, preferably with some one she(Sue) knows. She mailed me about this just before our holiday and I immediately mailed back and said I'll have her. We discussed it thoroughly over our holiday as Sue wanted me to understand what I was taking on. After her spiel about HD and it effects on dogs I told her I understood exactly as she had just described my own problems with arthritis it was decided that providing her other two owners(she cost £700 and it took three of them to afford her she is now worthless, money wise at least) agreed I could have her and they would contribute to the cost of the medication she will need for the rest of her life. She will be ready to come to me in early December and no she isn't my Christmas present it will be all the grooming gear you need for a long haired dog so I will be getting that early. She is a darling little dog who thinks she is a great big dog but like all the Shetland Sheep dogs I have ever met loves people and being fussed. Sue doesn't want to let her go but it is only because she knows keeping her would be a form of cruelty, she would have to walk with the old men(BasPhotobucket 13 and ElliotPhotobucket 11.5), she couldn't take part in the pack rough and tumble with out pain and she knows if she comes to me she will see her at least twice a year probably more. So when she arrived I am going to inquire into the organisation called Pets as Therapy which organises visits, usually by dogs into long term care homes for adults and children, she will get all the fuss she wants then.
So that is why I am looking forward to Christmas like a 10 year old who has been promised his own wii and a new bike from Santa. I am also worrid to death as to 'Can I cope'. I know I will when it comes to it but I still worry.
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This is Saffron, she is a 13 week old T. Rex disguised very cleverly as a delightful little Shetland sheep dog. In other words, like human babies,she tries every thing with her mouth even people. Unlike humans she has very sharp teeth.
more of her and the rest of the dogs )


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