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For those of you who might not know the three cats I am baby sitting for friends this week
alloow me to introduce,
Cosmo, female quite a little madam small
Pipin, the oldest of the two Males and the longest resident.Photobucket
and Gismo, a very subordinate male, he gives in to both the other two.
They are very determined little beasts when it comes to bedtimes, they are supposed to be back in by 6 and usually are with their people but of course they try it on with the hired help%). I arrived Sturday and they were in as soon as I opened the back door and didn't leave for more than 20 minutes at the time untill the next morning. By then they all realised that 'aunty' was here to stay and started, trying it on by coming back later and later untill Tuesday they hadn't come back by midnight. So I locked up and went to bed. Next day Cos and Pips were in by 6, Gizzy didn't show so he spent a second night out, he's a slow learner, dim but nice. Tonight he was in at 5 and after a half hour of head scritches he curled up and slept until tea time when Cos turned up. both are now well fed and sleeping in their favourite places, Pipin has not learned his lesson it would seem, he is still out. But it is a lovely sunny evening, warm and still, if he spend tonight out he won't come to harm. He will just worry 'aunty' to death again.
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Just a couple more photos I took Sunday which aren't so obviously summer but might interest you. Walked out of the back door with my camera to photograph the poppy and glanced up hill to my neighbours water feature and saw this.

This is Hobbes my neighbours young Ginger tom. He likes to drink from a running tap and since they made this water feature he drinks from the fountain when it is playing. Here is a closer view but I just couldn't get a photo of him actually with his head down and tongue out.

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Last week I posted what I had hopped would be my final paining for my end of term portfolio and said I would show you the finished article if I didn't ruin it. Well I did ruin it so I started again again . Oon Tuesday and this time I managed not to ruin it.
So first what I am trying to paintIt is a blamk crad I spotted in Wendy Brandon's Jam and Pickle shop in west Wales and fell in love with


And now my stages to completion. It is done in inks(the tree) pastel(the cat and tree leaves) and the background ( simple water coulour wash. A charcoal pencil was used for the black bits on the tree.






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