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At least it has in bits and pieces, some trees think it is still summer, a very few are confused enough to think it is spring and are putting out new leaves, some think autumn has started and are just turning and one glorious Ash knows it is Autumn.


She, for the Ash is a lady in this part of the world has thrown off her dark green summer colours and put on her golden gown, There is a Beech on her left and a sycamore on ther right. The beech is just beginning to change into his russett suit.

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This week's topic for [profile] show_me_a_world was seasons. Well it is October and that is well into Autumn here in Wales. I should be able to show you my woods in a riot of colour. Like this.
(Click to enlarge, I uploaded them huge and I'm not deleting and trying again, Photobucket hates Picassa ATM))
Yes we are still 99% green, the only bit of colour is a Sycamore that stands between two busy roads and is desperate to get rid of the pollution. The weather was so good for the trees this summer(rain, rain, and a little more rain and very warm)they are not in the least bit distressed and are going for the record of holding on to their leaves.
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For the first time in what feels like months it was a nice bright sunshiney day on a day it was my turn to walk Losyn, so I chose the Sirhwy walk and took my camera with me in the hope that the weekend's gale force winds Hadn't destroyed the Autumn colour. I was lucky, although some trees were stripped bare others were untouched and gloriously cloured while stil others had the the deep green of summer as their dress.
Shown. in order of my seeing them


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