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I was intending to use my range of coloured ball points but I;ve had a busy day and only got round to the basic sketch, which I admit I did in pencil and inked over and colour the cat 's eyes. I will finish it off for tomorrow.

 photo 100_0023.jpg
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Today I knitted a bracelet , it was going to be a necklace but my wire decided to tie it's self in knots when I got to bracelet size.

 photo 102_0019.jpg

 photo 102_0018.jpg
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Yesterday I couldn't get into a creative mood all day hence no post. This morning I woke up with an idea that could be done in two ways so there would be two naarts to day. only to find I had the material to complete them. So today I present 1 and a half naarts.

I decided to make a pendant and a pair of ear rings using the same technique but different beads. First the pendant.
 photo 102_0012.jpg

so I started on a pair of earrings only to discover I had only enough of the thick wire used to make the 'hoop' to make one of the pair.

 photo 102_0013.jpg

And the back of it.

 photo 102_0011.jpg


Aug. 8th, 2013 11:51 pm
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And here is the finished article, the colours haven't changed just the lighting.

 photo 101_0003-1.jpg


Aug. 7th, 2013 09:04 pm
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This is a two parter, even acrylic paint takes time to dry and thee ae details to go on top of the basic colour blocks.

 photo 101_0002-1.jpg


Aug. 6th, 2013 10:26 pm
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I have not been in the mood to be narty today and have indulged in m favourite meditation form, knitting.. My as you know I have two dogs Kandi and Saffron but I go walkies with three as altenate days I walk them with cousin Beth's dog Losyn
I have not been in the mood to be naarty today and have indulged in m favourite meditation form, knitting. As you know I have two dogs Kandi and Saffron but I go walkies with three as altenate days I walk them with cousin Beth's dog Losyn  photo 100_0081.jpg

And she walks them all on the days I don't. He's an old boy as his phot indicates, 14 going on 15 but until recently you would have said 5/6 and at times 14/15 months but a month or so ago he started having problems Barking, his bark was hoarse, the he started panting constantly but the hot spell had started so we weren't to worried but he was still panting when we had the cold snap so Beth took him to the vet who found a lump in the side of his neck. He went in for a biopsy and x ray last Friday and we got the news this morning that the lump is a growth around his Cartotid artery, the breathing problem is caused by the growth pressing on his wind pipe and it is malignant and fast growing and inoperable. At the moment he does not seem to be in pain and is eating well and as eager for his walkies as ever so we wait and pet him and love and give him the best months of his life. The girls seem to realise that some thing is wrong, the keep sniffing at his neck and face and when they are playing they don't run/roll,jump over him the way they used to.

So I knitted the day away, or at least the afternoon, I was busy this morning helping Cousin A edit her wardrobes. I did prepare a canvass for tomorrow and I knitted so this in my naat for today.

 photo 101_0003.jpg

 photo 101_0002.jpg


Aug. 5th, 2013 04:16 pm
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Well I got up this morning and decided to do something in mixed media and attempted something in the style of Clarice Cliff but didn't do so well. but here it is.

 photo 100_0005.jpg

Not satisfied with it I took up wire beads and my tools and made a plated wire braclette, which I am happier with.

 photo 100_0007.jpg

 photo 100_0008.jpg


Aug. 4th, 2013 10:17 pm
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The camera batteries re-charged quicker than I thought they would so I have taken a clearer picture. My very nice and helpful next door neighbours sorted out my disc problem, It Turns out thee was nothing wrong with my memory card I had just locked it, I didn't even know they could be. To test that tha was all Ruth put the card in her camera and took this photo of me. I'm standing in their living room with their immaculte garden behind me.

 photo DSC_0001.jpg

Now on to my nart, it's another 'church' built by the Llanovers and used to stand at the bottom of my street,Hill Street. Lady Augusta was deeply religious and firmly believed that Sunday should be a day of rest for every one, up to a point. Meals on a Sunday were all cold, cooked meats salads and piesand everything was prepared on the Saturday. The servants still had to bring it from the kitchen to the dining room but that was the extent of their Sunday work. The only fly in the ointment was church going.. The parish church was about 4 miles away and about 900 feet higher on the top of Mynyddislwyn, very hard work toget there either on foot or in a carriage, as the lady did not believe in allowing her horses to work hard either. So a Small Chapel was built on a piece of flat land in a small wood at the foot of Hill Street Cellenyn a short distance from their hose by the river. The vicar of the Parish Church would come down after the main service to hold a service in this Chapel of Ease. his name came to be applied to the whole village in time, the name Celenyn is still used for the cemetery above the village.

 photo 102_0002-1.jpg
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Today I have finished off the sketch I started yesterday, It is the oldest church in the valley. Thee is an older one MynyddIslwyn first build in the 10th century, then rebuilt in the 12th, but that is on the top of the mountain not down in the valley

 photo SUNP0001.jpg  photo SUNP0002.jpg

This church was built in 1824 by the Lord of the Manor of Abercarn and his wife. That's how it is always written but we locals call it Lady Llanover's Church as it is rumoured that she wore the trousers in that household and had she been born around 1900 in stead of 1800 she would have been a founder member of Plaid Cymru or even a Welsh Nationalist, burning down second homes owned by the English and painting English road signs green. If you want to know more about her go here

Any way it was built for the Welsh speaking Anglicans of the area to have a church where services were held in their own language. thee are a few non conformist chapels that are almost as old but not quite.
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Every yea I take part in National Art Making Month, which a few frinds and I started a good few years ago. The aim is to do something visually creative every day in August and post it on the NaArMaMo livejournal site. The pictures ae very poor as I am having problems with my still camera and the pictures were taken with my very basic digital camera on it's stills setting. Click on the thumb nails and you will get a better picture.

Here are my first three days worth.

Day 2
 photo SUNP0008-2.jpg

day 1

NAARMAMO2013 day1 photo SUNP0007.jpg

 photo SUNP0006.jpg

Royal Baby

Jul. 22nd, 2013 10:32 pm
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 Just in case any one  hasn't heard the new Royal has arrived and it's a boy, no name yet.
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You know when something needs describing and there isn't a word for it in English well here ae a few than might be useful and adoptable. Taken from

1. Kummerspeck (German)
Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, grief bacon;
Read more... )
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Taken from [personal profile] quarryquest

Linda's Dewey Decimal Section:

335 Socialism & related systems

Linda = 29441 = 294+41 = 335

300 Social Sciences

Books on politics, economics, education and the law.

What it says about you:
You are good at understanding people and finding the systems that work for them. You like having established reasoning behind your decisions. You consider it very important for your friends to always have your back.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at


May. 23rd, 2013 09:11 am
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Taken from<lj user="sallymn">

 A - Age: 63
B - Bed size: double


C - Chore you hate: ironing.Atotal waste of time if it's creased coming out of the washer it will crease immediately you put it on.
D - Dog's name:Twon of them Saffron and Kandi
E - Essential start to your day item(s): Coffee, dog walk, internet.
F - Favorite color: yellow
G - Gold or Silver: Both, gold if I can afford it but mostly silver.
H – Height: 5ft 4 ins


I - Instruments you play: One handed piano
J - Job title: Librarian, retired
K - Kisses or hugs: Bring em on
L - Living arrangements: Home owner living with two dogs
M - Mood:Happy
N - Nicknames: don't have one
O - Overnight hospital stays other than birth: Two weeks for a tonselectemy when I was 2.It didn't need to be but I was kept an extra week as a good example to the rest of the kids. Take your medicine the baby has taken hers. Way back then parents were NOT allowed to visit and were just told when they could pick you up. Five days for the removal of a cyst ferom my breast about 10 years ago
P - Pet Peeves: Drivers who don't signal at roundabouts and turns, the misuse of the word unique.
Q - Quote from a movie: Why did have to be snakes
R - Right or left handed: right
S - Siblings: None

T - Time you wake up: Whenever the dogs want to get up
U - Underwear: The usual,nickers and a bra
V - Vegetable you dislike: The cabbage family in it's entirety, avacado
W - Ways you run late: Sleeping late,getting caught up with something on the TV or net.
X - X-rays you've had: Knees, hip, teeth
Y - Yummy food you make: Well I love my tuna bake and chicken curry and I've had many complements on my boiled fruit cake.
Z - Zoo favorite: penguins, especially up close and personal. There is a bird zoo at Bourton on the water where you can reach into the penguin enclosure and pet them, you can also watch them swimming in their glass tank. Once when I was there one of them was playing with a couple of teen girls, it was swimming around on the surface and they pushed him under every time he passed, they got fed up before he did.

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Just too tired to post, Beth had knee replacement surgery at the beginning of March and I have been walking the dogs every day instead of every other. She was able to take over her share for the first time last Tuesday. It is amazing how more awake I feel.

And it was this is what kicked me into posting

 photo oldmansnow.jpg

Iam a member of a knitting forum called Knitting Paradise and this picture has just been posted in the general conversation section of the forum. I have no idea where it was taken or when just that the poster lives in Ohio and it was sent to her by a friend.
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I hope my friends in the North and East are coping with the snow we had last night. I can't complain as we have only had a sugar coating which is melting fast and making the roads very slippery but in the news this morning I heard that Northumberland has 15 foot snow drifts in places. I know [profile] inyadreams, [personal profile] reapermum and [profile] mizz_history live only a little way south of that county. The forecast weather maps show [personal profile] quarryquest's area is under thick snow clouds too. Three days after the spring equinox and it's still winter, although I did manage to get a small branch of catkins and one of pussy willows when I was out walking on Equinox day to bring back for cousin Jill.


Mar. 16th, 2013 04:18 pm
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Thanks to a knitting forum I'm on( have accumulated dozens of free knitting patterns. This is the only one I've thought to share with you. This site is ideal for craft fair sales, it coves every thing from mushrooms to fossils, toys to vegies via Christmas tree baubles, go take a look, they are cute.


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