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On the Friday of the visit the 2 Sues and I packed a large picnic and 10 dogs into Sue's mobile kennel 9a silver Citroen Van with two stories of large cages at the back and space for every thing else behind the seats.)and toddled of to Langors Lake Country Park. Llangors lake is a very large lake in a very large flat bottomed valley just south of Brecon. Both of which were formed by Glaciers during the last Ice Age

This is the valley as seen from the High point if Llangynidr Moore I tried to mark the lake with and X but it is in the wrong place. look to the right and slightly up and that is Llamgors Lake;

 photo 100_0013-1.jpg

OK the x is not appearing on my screen, hopefully it is on yours.

Some of the dogs with Sue.
 photo 100_0032.jpg

the dogs that I can identify from left to right are Saffron, Hugo, Thorn, Alice and Kandi. They are waiting for Sue to throw a ball for Hugo to chase so they can all chase him. Like this.

 photo 100_0029.jpg

This is the only glimpse of the lake that I took.
 photo 100_0027.jpg

This is the other Sue with Daley

 photo 100_0034.jpg

I'm told the mountain far right is Pen-y-fan, not mine but the highest peak in South wales.

 photo 100_0018.jpg

Kandi decided to use the bridge on the way back from our walk, she wade the stream on her way out. The tri coloured on her left is So So the baby of the pack, he is only 9 months old but is as big as Kandi already, he's no go on the breed show circuit but he has the makings of a wonderful agility dog. He can leap the  photo 100_0040.jpgbaby gate I have to keep my dogs, and most of my visiting dogs, from the front door from a standing jump.

And finally Saffron sitting and waiting for the pack to run past her on the way to the ball, she doesnot believe in running all the way.


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