Jan. 11th, 2014

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Losyn has been getting gradually worse over the time since he was diagnosed with cancer but he was still eating and enjoying our walks together. On Christmas day I think he ate more turkey than both the girls combined and he tucked into a small dish of trifle brandy soaked sponge and custard made from basics with a little of the cream but over the next few days he ate less and less until he stopped eating on New Years day. He came for a walk with me and the girls this morning and had a lovely time sniffing and putting his scent back on a walk he hadn't been on for some time. This evening he had an evaluation appointment with the vet, he did not come back. I miss him and I know the girls will miss him too. Beth is in tears but we must think of him being out of pain and safe from any more. God bless you my gentle old man, you had a bad beginning but a good life you touched more people than you would ever realise.

Those of you who friend me on LJ will have read this already but I do have a few friends only from here and this is the first day since Losyn died that I have been able to post in DW.
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Yesterday I bought a newer car, she is a Peugeot 206 registered in 2008 and previously owned by one careful elderly driver, serviced yearly from new at the same garage which is owned by owned by the driver's son in law and only 44,100 plus a few 10s on the clock, looking show room good and with a new Cam belt installed just before I bought it. She is mid to dark metallic grey and is called Zoe because the last 3 letters on her number plate are XOE so we are pronouncing the that the Greek way with the X and soshe is Zoe. There will be photographs of her when I get her back to home territory, we are both at Sue's place and I didn't bring my camera. The reason I'm here is that the car comes from the garage Sue uses for her vehicles and she knew I was on the look out for some thing newer. She was in the garage talking to the owner about a minor problem with her car and saw Zoe and asked about her. She phoned me and the next day I pledge my soul and all I posses to the bank and got a loan to buy her. Sue drove her home yesterday and I took her out for a short run up and down Herne Way in the afternoon. Today I took her for a 40 mile run from Sue's to Market Deeping, a route I know well as there is a wonderful bead shop there,and back. The route is made up of a wide variety of road types from a narrow road just wide enough for a single car with passing places to a Motorway type bypass around Peterborough, normal A roads and a small town. I love the Silver Queen(my old Citroen Saxo) but she was old and rattly and low powered. Zoe beats the socks off her. Warning to any one driving the A14,M6,M5,and M50 on Tuesday, I will be taking that route home in a car with more power then I'm used to, give me a wide berth.


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