Aug. 28th, 2013

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I,ve had a busy start of the week so had to break one project over two days it was first the sketch and then the painting of Th Church Inn 1000 ft up Mynyddislwyn next to St Tudor's Church. It is built in a narrow depression in the side of the mountain with out buildings opposite it so that the only aspect you can get a photograph of is the gable end, and only if you stand in the middle of the road. You just cann't get far enough away from it to get any sort of view. It looks as if it could have been built at the same time as the first stone church, in the 11 th century and is a Welsh long house, humans lived at one end and animals at the other. Internally it has changed radically mostly in the early 20th century but the bones are still there. It is said to be the highest pub in South Wales.

 photo 100_0072.jpg

Today I didn't feel like doing anything with pencil or paint so I spent the early afternoon practicing my knotting in the hope of getting good enough to make a shambala bracelet.

 photo 100_0075.jpg

 photo 100_0076.jpg

As you can see I need a lot of practice before I start with the real shambala beads and chord.


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