Aug. 23rd, 2013

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Yesterday was a busy day for me, I had already agreed to take cousin A down to the recyling depot with some small electrical goods and then shopping for her heavy things, cat food and kitty litter and any thing else that took her fancy. Then lunch which she pays for as an extra payment, she always insists on giving me petrol money but it did mean I left the house at 10 am and got back at just past 1 pm to pick up the dogs. They were happily sleeping off a long walk with Beth and Losyn and didn't want to come away but brightened up considerably when told we were going tats to Nanny's. The underlined words they both understand perfectly. Tats means going on a trip in the car/ walk, and Nanny means my friend Jenny where they both get a lap to sit on, Saffron on Jenny, Kandie on me on the setee with only her front part on me. And they get meaty strips when we arrive, a Rich Tea biscuit dipped in coffee each after their tea, chicken mini nuggets at 5 pm and more meat strips when Jenny's daughter Sarah gets home from work. I allow it because I restrict the number of treats they have the day before I visit so they ae not over eating. I got back home and had my dinner and finaly sat down to naart at 8ish. So it was a quick simple adjustable length necklace made of white glass beads and pearls, knotted into place on gold thread.

 photo 100_0054.jpg


 photo 100B0040.jpg
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Some of my older friends may remember this painting
 photo 100_0058.jpg

I did at my at class at least 4 years ago,probably longer. For today's naart I decided to do the same picture in a different season but this is as far as I got

 photo 100_0061.jpg

I'm doing it in water colour and have learned something new, o4 rather some thing I already knew but had forgotten

Never ty to paint water colour when it is raining and all the doors and windows have to be open because it is so hot. Wayer co;our takes for ever to dry. I will, I hope, finish it tomorrow.

I found the original picture, I may start again tomorrow in stead.

The Barn photo Newbridge007.jpg


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