Aug. 17th, 2013

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I have had visitors since Thursday so although I have naarted, after the humans have gone to bed, I haven't been able to upload politely. I don't work on my computer while I have people with me I think is is impolite to neglet them that way. I specified humans as they came 8 dogs between them. Sue and Sue, yes they are both sue's(Susan and Susanne)have now gone off to Builth Wells to show 3 of them at a Dog show, I am at home baby sitting the 5 they left behind and my 2 which means I can't leave the house until the Sues are back as my 2 are a little upset about the invasion. They are fine if the dogs stay down stairs and don't try to get on my lap but if the try to come into my bedroom they are met with snarls and growls from the girls, so leaving them alone together and my house isn't big enough to separate them into manageable groups. But I must stop blathering and post my Naarts.

these I made Thursday, the fancy bits for two pairs of ear rings, they are made from beads and a pendant made from both smokey and clear quartz.

 photo d4ec9b12-09a3-48f3-bc40-8b53f2b2f2f7.jpg

And this is my naart for yetaerday, we were out all day so it is one of the photographs I took yesterday. A typical Welsh mountain scene.

 photo 100_0012-1.jpg


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