Aug. 3rd, 2013

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Every yea I take part in National Art Making Month, which a few frinds and I started a good few years ago. The aim is to do something visually creative every day in August and post it on the NaArMaMo livejournal site. The pictures ae very poor as I am having problems with my still camera and the pictures were taken with my very basic digital camera on it's stills setting. Click on the thumb nails and you will get a better picture.

Here are my first three days worth.

Day 2
 photo SUNP0008-2.jpg

day 1

NAARMAMO2013 day1 photo SUNP0007.jpg

 photo SUNP0006.jpg
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Today I have finished off the sketch I started yesterday, It is the oldest church in the valley. Thee is an older one MynyddIslwyn first build in the 10th century, then rebuilt in the 12th, but that is on the top of the mountain not down in the valley

 photo SUNP0001.jpg  photo SUNP0002.jpg

This church was built in 1824 by the Lord of the Manor of Abercarn and his wife. That's how it is always written but we locals call it Lady Llanover's Church as it is rumoured that she wore the trousers in that household and had she been born around 1900 in stead of 1800 she would have been a founder member of Plaid Cymru or even a Welsh Nationalist, burning down second homes owned by the English and painting English road signs green. If you want to know more about her go here

Any way it was built for the Welsh speaking Anglicans of the area to have a church where services were held in their own language. thee are a few non conformist chapels that are almost as old but not quite.


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