Feb. 23rd, 2013

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I've been very quiet of late, mainly because I've not done anything to write about, just walked the dogs and sat and knitted. I slipped going up a flight of steps during the snow, didn't bang anything but I did pull a muscle in my front thigh and it is still not getting any better, thanks to the way it is making me walk I am now getting a pain in that hip so I am not a happy Linda ATM but apart from that I'm healthy as are the girls. And talking about the girls, I think they are both camcorder shy, I have tried to take shots of them a dozen times since I got one and every time I point the camcorder at them they stop doing what ever they were doing and stare at me until I put it away again. Like Friday I took them, and Losyn, for a Walk in Waun fawr park(pronounced Wayne Vawr)by the river in Risca. There are naturalise Daffodil and snowdrops along side the path. All three of them stopped at every clump and stuck their noses into them, All of them looked as if they were sniffing the flowers, especially Saffron as she was on the same level as them. Since our only male 'watered' every clump he smelt they were all 'reading' the smells but it looked so cute.

My friend does some wonderful bead work which I admire enormously, nothing that I could possibly emulate I thought until she put up a picture of a wrap pearl bracelet that looked easy so I asked her if she could send me instructions, which she very kindly did. Well it wasn't as easy as I thought but I have managed to make some thing similar. The photo is bad as it is a still from my camcorder as my still camera is hors de combat until I get a new memory card but for what it is worth here is my version of a pearl wrapped bracelet. Click the pictue to enlarge it, it won't get any better bot it will be bigger.%)

 photo 0614412b-7ff6-42ef-b28c-06e68bbf1430.jpg

 photo afafe2ea-1f9f-4259-b1a8-f305d69316df.jpg


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